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Category: Managing Divorce Stress

There is a lot that goes into effectively managing divorce stress, from taking care of yourself to setting new boundaries to juggling all the new angles of your post-divorce life. We are here to help with lots of articles, information and tips for how to transition from a married couple to a single divorcee. Understanding what your new life will look like, and that different doesn’t necessarily mean worse will help you begin the next chapter in your life. Come browse our articles all created to give you some support and resources as you are effective managing divorce stress while creating your new life.

Sep 19
Divorce Legal Jargon – The ABCs

Divorce legal jargon can be overwhelming when you’re going through a divorce. Here’s a list of some terms to know and things to remember! If you are going through a divorce, you might be overwhelmed by all the divorce legal jargon you here being tossed around. Knowledge is power and having familiarity with all the […]

Aug 22
Helpful Divorce Support Mantras

Browse this list of helpful divorce support mantras that you can focus on when you need some experienced words of wisdom. Advice for divorcing women isn’t presented as easily as it does for married women. Often times at bridal showers, the attendees are given a card on which they write down their marriage advice for […]

Aug 01
Divorce Estate Planning in Massachusetts

Divorce Estate Planning in Massachusetts If you’ve been contemplating divorce, now is the time to be pro-active about your estate plan, which can include your will or trust, as well as beneficiary designations on your life insurance, bank accounts, and investments. If you wait until you file for divorce, some aspects will not be able […]

Jul 11
Should I Get a Divorce?

Here are seven things to consider if you are asking yourself “should I get a divorce?” The answer to “Should I get a divorce?” is specific to you and your marriage and not something you can have Google answer for you. Every situation is different, and complex, because we as individuals are different and complex. […]

Jun 06
Advice on Dating After Divorce – Seven Tips

Get some great tips and advice on dating after divorce! Today I want to offer some advice on dating after divorce because there’s a good chance that dating after divorce can be so much harder than before you were married. You are now coming to the table with a past marriage experience (and I assume […]

May 31
When The Kids Are With The Ex

Check out a handy list of things you can do when the kids are with the ex. Splitting vacation time with kids after divorce has its benefits as well as its drawbacks. I am so excited when I have an opportunity to have an extended period of time with my children, but on the flipside, […]

Mar 28
Where to Live After Divorce – Five Tips

Learn how to choose where to live after divorce to thrive! Today we are sharing five simple tips to help you choose where to live after divorce for the best quality of life balanced with all the shifts you’ve probably experienced in the process. Where to live after divorce can feel scary, as many unknowns […]

Feb 20
Divorce Planning With Your Legal Team

Today’s Expert Divorce Help –  Divorce Planning The issue of divorce planning can seem daunting and today’s Divorce Expert discusses top things to consider. Let’s dive in and see what we can learn from today’s expert, Lindsey Egan.  Divorce Squad asks our divorce help experts how the work they do can improve the divorce process […]

Feb 14
How To Move On From a Toxic Relationship

How to move forward with power after leaving a toxic relationship. Knowing how to move on from a toxic relationship can feel very difficult, especially after a divorce. Today our expert shares her simple steps to start getting back to your self, your power and your own wants and needs. “You will bloom if you […]

Feb 07
How to Tell Family You’re Getting a Divorce

Tips for how to tell family you’re getting a divorce. When you think about how to tell family you’re getting a divorce – including those friends who are as close as family, you may be feeling overwhelmed and filled with so many different emotions.  Your spouse may be someone your family and friends have grown […]

Jan 24
Home Repairs During Divorce

How do you handle those annoying home repairs during divorce – and after? Home repairs during divorce don’t need to be stressful, as annoying as it might be to now have to manage them on your own. My advice is this: leave it to the experts or trusted friends/family who know best! I recently had […]

Dec 20
Habits To Add After Divorce

These three habits to add after divorce can really help you adapt to your new life! Creating new habits when you’re divorced is a great way to manage stress and today I am sharing three habits to add after divorce that can help you change your perspective and actually feel better about where you are. […]