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Should I Get a Divorce?

Here are seven things to consider if you are asking yourself “should I get a divorce?”

The answer to “Should I get a divorce?” is specific to you and your marriage and not something you can have Google answer for you. Every situation is different, and complex, because we as individuals are different and complex. While there is not a singular way to define whether or not you should get a divorce, here are some questions to ask yourself and reflect on privately, with a trusted friend or a therapist:

1) Do we want different things in life that cannot be reconciled?
2) Do we communicate effectively about our relationship?
3) Does my partner respect me and show this respect through actions and words?
4) Am I the best version of myself when in relation with my partner?
5) Can I envision spending the rest of my life with this person?
6) Am I emotionally or spiritually connected to this person?
7) Have I made a significant effort to improve this relationship with little change?

Seek out professionals who can support you in both coming to your decision and managing your life after making it. Consider your living arrangements, finances, family dynamics, your career, your health and, if you have children, all of the factors that will impact them. Consult with an attorney to learn what, if any, things you want to have in place before moving forward with either decision. Knowledge is power and sometimes knowing what your options are or can be can position you in a way that you can have additional clarity around your options.

While asking others for advice feels comforting, only you can make the decision that is best for you (and your children if you are a mother). It is a very difficult decision to get divorced. It can be a very difficult decision to stay married. Allow yourself significant time for reflection on what path you will take.

If you’ve decided divorce is the right choice for you, our team of professionals is ready to answer your questions.