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Divorce Support at your Fingertips

Divorce can feel like a lonely journey, but the good news is, we are here to help provide divorce support for women. We hope that you take comfort in knowing there are many qualified professionals to provide you with guidance as you navigate the divorce process.

What We're All About


We provide the help you need to make better informed decisions.


Articles on a variety of topics related to divorce and co-parenting.


Contact information for professionals that can help you in your divorce transition.

About Divorce Squad

Divorce can be complicated, messy and confusing. Women without the right connections or access to information may be taken advantage of and end up with less than they deserve.


Through Divorce Squad, you have access to professionals that can help you not only survive the divorce process, but thrive.  Our Mission at Divorce Squad is to guide women through divorce so they can live the beautiful life they deserve in their next chapter.


Like you, Divorce Squad Founder Suzanne Thelen found herself facing divorce and all of its challenges. Suzanne was a working mother of 3 young children and didn’t know the first thing about going through a divorce. With each step of the process, Suzanne discovered she needed more and more support from professionals to advise her on the best course to take. These professionals have continued to be important to Suzanne’s life journey, even post-divorce. Having successfully navigated the divorce process, Suzanne created the platform she wished existed when she was going through her divorce. One resource with an abundance of information and expertise at your fingertips.


You may be feeling a lot of anxiety and uncertainty about the situation you currently face. Please know that you’re not alone in this feeling, and that you too can successfully navigate your divorce process. Divorce Squad was created for you.

How It Works

Divorce Squad allows you to contact divorce professionals from the privacy of your own home.  Everyone’s contact information is at your fingertips so you can connect discretely with someone who can advise you.  Going through a divorce is a private matter, and often one that you do not want to publicly share the details of, or ask for recommendations about.  Women can connect with the divorce support they need all in one location.

You are going to get through this!  You do not need to be a legal expert to successfully make your way through the divorce process.  By reaching out to professionals who have expertise in their individual fields, you can obtain the knowledge you need to feel confident in the path you are taking.    

Are you a professional who can help provide divorce support?