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Occasionally we will share Q&As with our experts sharing divorce advice that can give you some clear answers to your questions about navigating the before, during and after divorce process. Our carefully vetted divorce advice experts are here to provide you with all the best resources, programs, services and support to provide you with a less stressful, more harmonious, healthier and more successful outcome in a typically difficult life experience.

Some of our expert divorce advice that will be shared through these posts is how to manage the financial aspects of divorce, whether to sell your home or how to work out staying, the myriad legal issues that arise at all stages of divorce, how to ensure that your taxes are filed correctly with this new angle of divorce, how to develop healthy eating strategies under this stressor, information from mediators that can help create better post-divorce relationships and much more, with new experts being added on an ongoing basis.

Divorce is hard enough – we are committed to delivering divorce advice that is on point and can give you some confidence and relief!

Jul 03
Get Yourself a Well-Written Separation Agreement

Why it is important to have a well-written separation agreement - read advice from a professional in this article

Jun 26
What to Expect with a GAL Investigation

Read about the ins and outs of a GAL investigation in this article. Learn what to expect and how to prepare yourself and your children.

Jun 24
Selling a House Quickly for Divorce

Selling a house quickly for divorce is really important. Learn what a real estate agent has to say in this article.

Mar 04
How Long Does A Divorce Take?

The answer to how long does a divorce take can depend on many factors – learn more about them here. One question we hear a lot in our community is just how long is this going to take!? As you can imagine, the answer is NOT a one-size-fits-all figure. We turned to Divorce Attorney Justin […]

Jan 30
What Happens to a House in a Divorce

What happens to a house in divorce depends on a few things – learn the two main issues to consider when working through this factor. Something that we hear a lot are people worried about what happens to a house in divorce settlements. Figuring out what to do with your home because of divorce can […]

Jan 18
Top 10 Strategies for Coping with Divorce

Get these top ten super smart strategies for coping with divorce to help you get through the process with less stress. Coping with divorce can be challenging on so many levels, especially in terms of your emotions because of all the inherent loss and change. Understanding your emotions and developing strategies for managing those emotions […]

Jan 09
Divorcing a Narcissist – Seven Dos and Don’ts

Divorcing a narcissist can be a whole different process – get these seven dos and don’ts for making this process a little less challenging. Divorcing can be an emotionally and mentally draining experience. Divorcing a narcissist, with their manipulative tactics and self-centered focus, can make the process even more challenging. This article from today’s Divorce […]

Dec 19
A Realtor’s Seven Tips to Declutter Your Home

If you are considering selling your home, you may want to see a Realtor’s seven great tips to declutter your home! Today O’Connell and Company, our Divorce Squad experts in real estate, are here to share tips to declutter your home in preparation for selling it – something that is super valuable whether you are […]

Nov 08
Dealing With Parental Interference and Abuse Allegations In Divorce

Learn more about how to manage parental interference and abuse allegations when going through a divorce in Massachusetts. When parents no longer live together and share physical custody of their child, a “Co-Parenting schedule” is implemented to allow each to have quality parenting time with the child, free of interference from the other parent.  When […]

Oct 23
Uncontested vs Contested Divorce in Massachusetts

Learn the differences between uncontested vs contested divorce in Massachusetts and what the issues are for each. You’ve made the decision to end your marriage. Let’s pause to acknowledge this incredibly courageous step of choosing a better future for yourself (way to go!) Now you’re probably asking yourself— what are my next steps? You should […]

Sep 25
Top Three Tips to Improve Metabolism From an Expert!

Simple yet effective, grab these top three tips to improve metabolism from a health expert who knows how it all works! Today we are hearing from Christa Lyons, CHHC, FDN-P who is a Functional Health Practitioner dedicated to helping women get back to feeling like their best selves. In this post she is sharing her […]

Sep 18
Estate Planning Basics

Learn more about estate planning basics, the estate planning questions you need to ask and get started on your estate planning goals.   In a recent survey, it was discovered that only 42 percent of American adults have a will, with 81 percent of those being over the age of 72. When people were asked […]

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