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Category: Managing Divorce Stress

There is a lot that goes into effectively managing divorce stress, from taking care of yourself to setting new boundaries to juggling all the new angles of your post-divorce life. We are here to help with lots of articles, information and tips for how to transition from a married couple to a single divorcee. Understanding what your new life will look like, and that different doesn’t necessarily mean worse will help you begin the next chapter in your life. Come browse our articles all created to give you some support and resources as you are effective managing divorce stress while creating your new life.

Feb 20
Divorce Planning With Your Legal Team

Today’s Expert Divorce Help –  Divorce Planning The issue of divorce planning can seem daunting and today’s Divorce Expert discusses top things to consider. Let’s dive in and see what we can learn from today’s expert, Lindsey Egan.  Divorce Squad asks our divorce help experts how the work they do can improve the divorce process […]

Feb 14
How To Move On From a Toxic Relationship

How to move forward with power after leaving a toxic relationship. Knowing how to move on from a toxic relationship can feel very difficult, especially after a divorce. Today our expert shares her simple steps to start getting back to your self, your power and your own wants and needs. “You will bloom if you […]

Feb 07
How to Tell Family You’re Getting a Divorce

Tips for how to tell family you’re getting a divorce. When you think about how to tell family you’re getting a divorce – including those friends who are as close as family, you may be feeling overwhelmed and filled with so many different emotions.  Your spouse may be someone your family and friends have grown […]

Jan 24
Home Repairs During Divorce

How do you handle those annoying home repairs during divorce – and after? Home repairs during divorce don’t need to be stressful, as annoying as it might be to now have to manage them on your own. My advice is this: leave it to the experts or trusted friends/family who know best! I recently had […]

Dec 20
Habits To Add After Divorce

These three habits to add after divorce can really help you adapt to your new life! Creating new habits when you’re divorced is a great way to manage stress and today I am sharing three habits to add after divorce that can help you change your perspective and actually feel better about where you are. […]

Dec 09
Assembling Your Divorce Team

Assembling your divorce team is the best thing you can do for yourself to ensure you have successful divorce outcomes! Creating your own, hand selected divorce team help you cover all your bases, give you resources without your having to dig and give you the confidence that you are moving forward with the best possible […]

Oct 14
Prioritizing Children of Divorce During the Holidays

Prioritizing your children of divorce during the holidays can be overwhelming and stressful. You may feel angry about your current situation, sad about the loss you’ve experienced, or both – and children of divorce during the holidays are feeling this as well. As I approach holidays, I remember a story I heard from my family […]

Sep 09
Back to School Planning For Parents After Divorce

Come on over and get some excellent tips for back to school planning for parents after divorce that will make things easier for everyone!

Sep 09
Should You Name Change After Divorce?

Today we have six things to consider when looking at making a name change after divorce - it's a personal decision and only yours to make!

Jul 19
How To Put On A Brave Face After Divorce

See how you can make putting on a brave face after divorce can work for you! Putting on a brave face after divorce – getting brave! – can take some time but can be done! The way I did it may not be the “best” way, or the doctor-approved way to do it, but some […]

May 18
Becoming the “Man of the House” After Divorce

Becoming the "man of the house" after divorce can look like whatever you want it to and this four step plan can help you determine that!

May 07
Vacations After Divorce – Five Tips!

Planning and going on vacations after divorce can feel daunting - here are five tips to help you plan a great post-divorce vacation.

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