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Spring Organization Tips for Single Moms

Sorting through your closet like this woman pictured is one of our spring organization tips for single moms.

Today, five spring organization tips for single moms with low effort and high impact!

It’s that time of year where the kids are getting restless and the house feels smaller after a long winter. When you look around and don’t feel happy about the state of affairs in your home, there are five spring organization tips for single moms that you can use to spruce up your surroundings and make your place feel less cluttered. If you are a single mom, sometimes this can feel daunting since you are tackling this on your own but starting small and working your way up will feel SO good!

Here are some tips to get your springtime organization started with not a ton of effort but that will make a noticeable difference:

1) Do a quick clean out of your closets. Whatever you didn’t wear this winter, get rid of it. Stretched out sweaters you don’t like, the hats/gloves that no longer fit the kids, and that scarf you weren’t quite sure how to incorporate into your outfit. Donate them all and make some space for future loved items. This is a great activity to do in the spring because the things you didn’t wear or use are likely to be more obvious now at the end of the season.
2) Organize the junk drawer. Holiday receipts can get tossed, gift cards can get used (yay!), and dried up pens can be thrown in the trash along with a myriad of other miscellaneous items you’ve been storing. Do this while you are on the phone – on hold or in a good chat sesh – and it will done before you know it!
3) Sort through that stack of schoolwork. If there are some really cute art projects, put them on display. Throw away what you know isn’t keepsake worthy and all the rest you can put away in a bin for review at the end of the whole year. If you’re feeling really ambitious or can’t bear to get rid of anything (you are NOT alone!) there are many companies that will turn artwork into a book (just Google it).
4) Take inventory of your kids’ toys. As they approach the end of the school year, there may be things they are now willing to part with that they no longer use. Involve them in the giveaway process so they can feel good about passing things on.
5) Try on last years sports/activities gear. The cleats that fit last season may be too small. Decide what you can get by using again and what you need to swap out. Many places sell used gear that’s in great shape or ask other moms and see if there aren’t some swaps that can be made in your circles.

Want to do even more? Tackle that Tupperware cabinet, your sock drawer, the bottom of your closet – there are more tips on Spring Cleaning After Divorce here.

The spring is the perfect time for new beginnings and it starts at home! Make where you live feel clean and comfortable starting with these spring organization tips for single moms, and it will improve how you feel every day even as you do all this on your own!