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Get a Free Divorce Finances Checklist

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Download our expert’s free divorce finances checklist and get started on organizing your post-divorce finances.

Financial issues of divorce are a cause of stress for many women, and making those important decisions can be overwhelming. Using our free divorce finances checklist from Divorce Squad Expert Kerry O’Brien you can start to get a clear picture of where you can use additional professional support.

Organizing and planning your financial situation can be even more challenging then normal when you add the emotional stress that so often happens with a divorce. Regardless of what led to the divorce, whether it is amicable, or if both parties even want the divorce, you deserve to feel secure about your finances and empowered to make informed decisions that support your goals.

Some considerations are:
What your income and expenses will be
Who will receive which accounts
What will happen to the home

These unknowns can be scary, and leave you feeling really uncertain about the future. By understanding all aspects of the bigger financial picture you will feel more confident with your new found independence.

A solid team of professionals by your side can be really helpful. Sometimes, however, it can be hard to know what professionals you really need and why, especially when it comes to your money. Kerry O’Brien knows what factors are critical to your financial success. Kerry is providing her very comprehensive free divorce finances checklist that covers 28 of the most important financial planning issues to consider when going through a divorce. Use this as a reference, and seek professional help for any areas that apply to you.

Get your checklist here!

Once you’ve gone through this very helpful, free divorce finances checklist tool, consider the areas where you feel you need additional support and contact Kerry O’Brien to get help with those challenges. Knowledge is power and Kerry can help you get the whole picture to make your planning more efficient.