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Category: Staying Healthy During Divorce

Staying healthy during divorce isn’t just “nice” – it is absolutely essential to take care of yourself. Being newly independent means you need to be able to rely on yourself in ways that may be new to you. And if you have children, you know that they are depending on you in a new and different way, too.

Self-care during divorce isn’t just about being kind to and treating yourself. It means taking CARE of yourself so you can use your independence in a powerful and healthy way. We have collected some great information for you to learn how to achieve and maintain good health – mentally, physically, spiritually – and make staying healthy during divorce a priority.

Jul 18
Summer Book Review: The Island by Elin Hilderbrand

Summer Book Review: The Island by Elin Hilderbrand - Read what Suzanne has to say about a summer beach read centered around relationships.

Sep 25
Top Three Tips to Improve Metabolism From an Expert!

Simple yet effective, grab these top three tips to improve metabolism from a health expert who knows how it all works! Today we are hearing from Christa Lyons, CHHC, FDN-P who is a Functional Health Practitioner dedicated to helping women get back to feeling like their best selves. In this post she is sharing her […]

Apr 25
Top Three Tips for Dating After Divorce

Our tips for dating after divorce will give you a boost in getting out there again! Are you divorced and interested in dating but nervous about putting yourself out there? Or have you been online and not met any good matches yet? Well, there is no better time than now to be dating after divorce! […]

Mar 29
Spring Organization Tips for Single Moms

Today, five spring organization tips for single moms with low effort and high impact! It’s that time of year where the kids are getting restless and the house feels smaller after a long winter. When you look around and don’t feel happy about the state of affairs in your home, there are five spring organization […]

Feb 01
Getting Through Valentine’s Day After Divorce

Valentines Day after your divorce doesn’t have to be depressing! By scheduling activities, you can move through the day without much sadness and without feeling sorry for yourself.

Jan 18
Seven Basic Good Habits For the New Year

Grab these seven basic good habits for the new year and kick off 2023 with an awesome reset! When it comes to a new year, almost everyone starts thinking about “New Year’s resolutions” and come up with a big lost of audacious goals. We’d like to offer a different – and MUCH more doable alternative […]

Jan 09
Ideas for a Vision Board for Single Moms

Get some cool prompts to make your own vision board for single moms! Nothing requires a new vision like going through a divorce. And what better time to imagine that vision for yourself, than in the new year? And what more fun way to get clear on your vision than to use our vision board […]

Oct 31
Staying Healthy Through The Holidays

Get 7 Great Tips to Staying Healthy Through The Holidays From the day after Halloween until January 2nd, we are inundated with holiday decorating, eating, entertaining, and shopping.  Depending on your situation, it may be a difficult time of year, a busy time and/or a complicated time. And of course the idea of staying healthy […]

Sep 26
Four Divorce Self Care Musts

Learn our four divorce self care non-negotiables and how they can help you manage this process. If you are getting a divorce, you may be getting swept up in an endless stream of worries about the future, and anger about the past. While there is an overwhelming amount to consider and contemplate, you must just […]

Jul 18
Meal Prep for Busy Moms – Seven Tips

Get our seven easy tips for meal prep for busy moms to stay healthy and UNSTRESSED!   Divorce can cause major disruption in your habits, including how and what you eat. If you don’t give the upcoming week some thought and preparation, you’ll end up doing fast food drive thrus and expensive takeout which isn’t […]

Jun 20
7 Great Summer Books For Divorced Women

See which titles we think make great beach books for divorced women!   Reading is one of my favorite forms of relaxation or education, depending on what my goal is. There are tons of books for divorced women out there from self-help to strategies to commiserations. I like to think of Summer reading as a […]

Apr 22
Spring Cleaning After Divorce

Decluttering and spring cleaning after divorce can feel SO GOOD! Springtime is such a wonderful time for renewal, in our hearts, minds and messy closets. I also would suggest it could be a perfect opportunity to weed out some elements from your past that our no longer serving your present. For this type of guidance, […]

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