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A Divorce Expert on Financial Divorce Planning

Today we hear from a divorce expert on financial divorce planning – learn what you need to know to set a solid plan.

The issue of divorce planning can seem daunting and today’s Divorce Expert on financial divorce planning discusses top things to consider when putting everything together. Let’s dive in and see what we can learn from today’s expert, Nina Bond.

How does the work that you do impact the lives of women that are going through a divorce?
Through financial knowledge comes less anxiety and empowerment! And with that allows you to make the most informed decisions as possible.

When does the work that you do take place?
During the divorce process, after the divorce, or both? As a CDFA I can provide assistance at any time: pre-divorce, during and after. It has been my experience that the earlier in the process I become involved the more helpful I can be.

What 3 tactics can you suggest for them to move through their divorce with success?
Do not go through the process alone, be sure to work with many professionals not just your attorney, hire a CDFA or other financial advisor, include in your daily activities proper self-care including eating healthy and exercising, talking to a therapist.

What pitfall(s) have you witnessed that our readers should know to avoid?
Allowing your attorney to make the decisions, forgetting about tax planning as part of negotiations, not properly evaluating settlement proposals with a financial professional, and lack of post-divorce financial planning.

How would collaborating with you during/after divorce minimize the stress of the process and improve the outcome of a divorce situation?
As a result of working with me you will relieve a lot of your financial anxiety and in turn gain financial empowerment that allows you to make educated decisions throughout the process which will help you save time, money down the road.

Interested in learning more from today’s divorce expert on financial divorce planning? Contact Nina Bond today!