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  • Company: Nina D. Bond, CPA, CDFA® P.C.
  • Title: CPA, CDFA® (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst)
  • Office Location: Westborough
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  • Bio:

    Nina is a CPA and CDFA® with over 30 years experience specializing in individual and small business tax compliance, tax planning and consultation and divorce financial planning.  Through her work Nina is able to combine the combine the biggest parts of her personality: intellectual, logical, technical and compassionate to ultimately help people and make positive long-term connections.   Nina has worked with many individuals and their divorce attorneys during all stages of divorce.

  • Description of Services:

    Nina D. Bond CPA CDFA offers a wide range of services including General Divorce Financial Planning, Asset Division, Asset Division Tax Considerations, Tax Planning, Post Divorce Budgeting, Housing Considerations and Affordability,  Support Calculations,  Court Form Preparation assistance,  Forensic Accounting including hidden income and asset discovery, quantifying misuse of marital assets, and lifestyle analysis.

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  • License Number: 17166 (CPA) Massachusetts Licensed, 105559 (CDFA Member #)
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