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Occasionally we will share Q&As with our experts sharing divorce advice that can give you some clear answers to your questions about navigating the before, during and after divorce process. Our carefully vetted divorce advice experts are here to provide you with all the best resources, programs, services and support to provide you with a less stressful, more harmonious, healthier and more successful outcome in a typically difficult life experience.

Some of our expert divorce advice that will be shared through these posts is how to manage the financial aspects of divorce, whether to sell your home or how to work out staying, the myriad legal issues that arise at all stages of divorce, how to ensure that your taxes are filed correctly with this new angle of divorce, how to develop healthy eating strategies under this stressor, information from mediators that can help create better post-divorce relationships and much more, with new experts being added on an ongoing basis.

Divorce is hard enough – we are committed to delivering divorce advice that is on point and can give you some confidence and relief!

Aug 04
Six Excellent Tips for Divorcing a Narcissist

If you are in this situation, you MUST see these tips for divorcing a narcissist! Today we are getting six essential tips for divorcing a narcissist from one of our Divorce Squad Experts, Jolee Vacchi. Jolee is an experienced divorce attorney with an aptitude for navigating high conflict situations. With many of those caused by […]

Jul 18
Managing Stages of Divorce Grief

Learn more about how you can get on top of managing stages of divorce grief and push through to better days. Managing the stages of divorce grief can be a challenge. Today, Divorce Coach Gaylen Cragin shares what you might expect and one thing you can do to help navigate these new feelings. Let’s get […]

Jun 26
Divorce and Child Custody in Massachusetts

Learn more about divorce and child custody in Massachusetts from one of our Divorce Squad experts. There are a few things to know about divorce and child custody in Massachusetts and today’s expert Justin Banks is here to offer his insight on some of our state’s specific issues. Let’s learn more from Attorney Banks. In […]

Jun 19
Great Divorce Real Estate Agent Advice!

Get some great divorce real estate agent advice on how to get through the entire process more easily and with less stress! From one of our own experts, Lisa Gray, today we are sharing lots of useful divorce real estate agent advice that can help you navigate the entire process with some insider knowledge giving […]

May 15
Your Divorce and Mortgage Questions Answered!

There are a lot of things to consider when going through a divorce and mortgage questions might be at the top of your list – get some great information to help you make sound decisions. Today we hear from Renee Guidaboni Coleman who is going to share the top divorce and mortgage questions she hears […]

May 09
How Can I Afford a House After Divorce?

Get some great information on the answer to the question “How can I afford a house after divorce”? One major concern we hear all the time is “How can I afford a house after divorce”. We get it. It can be a lot to figure out. Understanding what you can afford after divorce will determine […]

Apr 25
Top Three Tips for Dating After Divorce

Our tips for dating after divorce will give you a boost in getting out there again! Are you divorced and interested in dating but nervous about putting yourself out there? Or have you been online and not met any good matches yet? Well, there is no better time than now to be dating after divorce! […]

Mar 10
Get a Free Divorce Finances Checklist

Download our expert’s free divorce finances checklist and get started on organizing your post-divorce finances. Financial issues of divorce are a cause of stress for many women, and making those important decisions can be overwhelming. Using our free divorce finances checklist from Divorce Squad Expert Kerry O’Brien you can start to get a clear picture […]

Dec 12
Financial Wellness Tips For The New Year

Get some great financial wellness tips for the new year from one of our experts! With the holidays coming – along with all the additional expenses – right now is an excellent time to get some solid financial wellness tips for the new year. Establishing your goals and plans now can help you not overspend […]

Oct 31
Staying Healthy Through The Holidays

Get 7 Great Tips to Staying Healthy Through The Holidays From the day after Halloween until January 2nd, we are inundated with holiday decorating, eating, entertaining, and shopping.  Depending on your situation, it may be a difficult time of year, a busy time and/or a complicated time. And of course the idea of staying healthy […]

Oct 17
Estate Planning for Divorce – Expert Q&A

Learn from our expert why estate planning for divorce is a key step in ensuring your assets and future are protected.   When you’re going through a divorce, the future may seem scary and unknown. While it may not be top of mind, estate planning for divorce and all the subsequent decisions and plans should […]

Oct 11
A Divorce Expert on Financial Divorce Planning

Today we hear from a divorce expert on financial divorce planning – learn what you need to know to set a solid plan. The issue of divorce planning can seem daunting and today’s Divorce Expert on financial divorce planning discusses top things to consider when putting everything together. Let’s dive in and see what we […]