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Meal Prep for Busy Moms – Seven Tips

Delicious looking ingredients in glass jars, the results of meal prep for busy moms using our seven tips.

Get our seven easy tips for meal prep for busy moms to stay healthy and UNSTRESSED!


Divorce can cause major disruption in your habits, including how and what you eat. If you don’t give the upcoming week some thought and preparation, you’ll end up doing fast food drive thrus and expensive takeout which isn’t good for your body or your wallet. By doing some planning ahead of time using our tips for meal prep for busy moms – single or not! – your mealtimes can stay on track, keeping both you and your kids healthy and happier.

Here are 7 Tips for healthy and successful meal prep:
1. Review this week’s schedule for you and your kids. Are there nights you will be driving from practice to practice and kid’s schedules do not align? This is not the night to plan for a special sit down dinner. This may be a good night for a grab and go sandwiches. Determine which nights are suitable for leisurely dinners and which ones may need to be quick bites. You might also want to include school lunches in your master plan.
2. Choose your recipes…….. and involve your kids! It’s always fun to try new things, but with kids, you’re more likely to get a positive response if they are a decision-maker in the meals you’ve decided to try. Consider which steps the kids can do, too, to get them even more involved and increase the likelihood that they will actually eat what you make! If you have them on hand, scan the sales flyers to see what is on a special.
3. Schedule time for shopping and meal prep. Picking your recipes for the week only works if you allot time to do the shopping and the actual preparation in your schedule. Mark down when you plan to hit the store and then do the kitchen work.
4. Make your grocery list. Don’t hit the supermarket without your list in hand! (And don’t shop when you are all hungry!)  PRO TIP: If you shop at the same store(s) all the time, grab a store aisle plan (they usually have printed ones at customer service) and make your list in the order you go through the store. Also, if you are bringing your kids, make a list for them to grab the things they recognize.
5. Shop. Stick to the list you have made so you don’t spend money on unnecessary items.
6. Meal prep. Put on some tunes and prepare as much as you can ahead of time for your upcoming meals. Chop those veggies and cook that meat now. Consider making “meal kits” and getting all the ingredients ready, grouped together so all you have to do on, say, taco night is reheat the filling, bring out all the ready-to-use toppings and get everything on the table in no time.
7. Enjoy! The best part of meal time is getting to sit down with family. Enjoy the time you have with your kids. Maybe they will help with the dishes 😊

For specific ideas, check out the Food Network suggestions for back-to-school meal prep:

Meal prep for busy moms, dads, and everyone else does NOT have to complicated or fussy. It’s mainly planning, doing most of the work ahead of time instead of here and there and results in healthier, less expensive but just-as-fast-as-delivery meals that you can take all the credit for!