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How To Move On From a Toxic Relationship

celebrating the joy that comes from learning how to move on from a toxic relationship

How to move forward with power after leaving a toxic relationship.

Knowing how to move on from a toxic relationship can feel very difficult, especially after a divorce. Today our expert shares her simple steps to start getting back to your self, your power and your own wants and needs.

“You will bloom if you take the time to water yourself” -Unknown

Lean into your emotions.  The pain is real after a toxic relationship, and a common go-to coping mechanism is to avoid your emotions and push them down. In the moment, it might feel better to not deal with your emotions, but avoidance in the long-run prolongs pain and can even lead to anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and physical ailments.

Instead, lean into your emotions and take time to process them. For example, when you feel lonely, instead of reaching for the remote or calling a friend to distract yourself, take a moment to pause and consider what’s beneath that loneliness. You might ask yourself, “What am I trying to avoid right now?” Perhaps it’s the feeling of craving connection that you no longer have, or feeling like you’re not enough.  Get curious, allow yourself to be with that emotion, and then let it pass. And I assure you, it WILL pass!

Take time to date yourself. When you’ve ended a relationship, it can be tempting to download the dating apps and see who else might be out there. This is often a recipe to step right back into another toxic relationship.

Instead, I encourage you to wait to date and use your newfound freedom as a time to reflect and just BE with yourSELF.  You can create special nights for just you, like you would do in a relationship. During this time, reflect upon what you really want in your life now and in the future. What are your goals? How can you invite more fun and laughter into your life? What voids have you been trying to fill?

Invest in yourself this year. You’ve been investing in others for your entire life. It’s your turn to receive! Now is the time to nurture yourSELF and take back the parts of you that were lost during your toxic relationship.

To start, reevaluate your close relationships and consider whether the people in your life bring you joy or stress.  Begin to distance yourself from people you don’t feel good around, and move towards those who fill you up and make you happy.

Next, invest in an expert mentor. So many people feel completely lost after a toxic relationship. They wonder, “How did I not see what was happening? Why did I stay so long? How did I overlook all of the red flags? And how do I not end up in another relationship like this?” Don’t blame yourself. The psychological manipulation that occurs in a toxic relationship is difficult to detect the further you get into it.  But knowledge is power! Take the time to work with a professional who can help you see the relationship for what it was, heal from the destruction, and move towards HEALTHY relationships in ALL areas of your life!

If you’re looking for support in how to move on from a toxic relationship, contact Angelica Griegel today.