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Top 10 Strategies for Coping with Divorce

Get these top ten super smart strategies for coping with divorce to help you get through the process with less stress.

Coping with divorce can be challenging on so many levels, especially in terms of your emotions because of all the inherent loss and change. Understanding your emotions and developing strategies for managing those emotions can help you get through the process in a much better way. Today, Divorce Squad expert and coach Susan Trotter shares her 10 smart strategies to help cope with the big shifts you may experience as you go through this life changing process.

1. Don’t let your emotions drive your decisions! When you do so, your divorce will likely cost more, last longer, be more stressful and not result in the best possible outcomes.
2. Work with a divorce coach or therapist who can help you develop strategies for coping with the emotions so that you can make the best possible decisions for you and your family.
3. Try to take the emotion out of your communications with your spouse. Just stick to the facts to encourage collaboration and reduce conflict.
4. Knowledge is power! Get educated about the process – emotionally, legally and financially – so you can make sound, informed decisions.
5. Pay attention to your mindset. How we think about things affects how we feel, what we do and the results we get. Shifting your mindset can impact everything that follows.
6. Focus on what you can control, which is not your spouse or even necessarily the situation. What you do have control over is how you respond to whatever is in front of you, and that is where your power is.
7. Surround yourself with a circle of people who are positive, have good energy and are going to lift you up at this time.
8. Work with a team of divorce professionals who have a similar approach, are willing to be collaborative, are experts in their respective fields and are compassionate.
9. Be thoughtful not just about getting to an agreement but also what you need and want to thrive in your life after divorce. It is best to start thinking about these post-divorce goals early in the divorce process.
10. Give thought to your “price of peace”, a term coined about divorce by David Kellem, a mediator and attorney. What would it take for you to be able to sign off on an agreement and move forward in your life with confidence and peace of mind?

Be aware of the role that emotions can play in this process and develop strategies for managing them. Following these tips will help you achieve greater confidence and peace of mind during the divorce process and set you up to thrive in every way in your life after divorce.

Thank you, Susan, for these great things to keep in mind to help with all the factors that coping with divorce can raise. If you’d like to learn more from Susan or get personalized support, contact Susan Trotter, Ph.D. today!