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Mother’s Day as a Divorced Single Mom

mother's day as a divorced single mom can still be a celebration to make you all happy like this smiling mom and her child

Get three great tips for celebrating Mother’s Day as a divorced single mom!

After divorce, Mother’s Day as a divorced single mom can feel different, but different doesn’t need to be bad. By setting proper expectations in your mind as to what the day is, you can avoid feeling disappointment and loneliness that may creep up if comparing to past years. Here are 3 tips for ensuring you have a beautiful Mother’s Day as a divorced single mom.

1) Understand and accept that your children may not be supported in their efforts to give you a present. In the past your husband may have assisted or reminded your kids to do something for you, but this is no longer the situation and your kids shouldn’t be expected to provide you with the same experience as they did previously. If your kids are little, maybe they will have made something in school. Otherwise, expect that they did not have the means to get you a present and that’s okay.

2) Be proactive in making a plan for the day. Again, there is no longer another adult who may spearhead some plans. Take the reigns. Schedule a fun breakfast out or make the plan be that you will be whipping up something you love to eat for breakfast. In years past, I have taken my kids for mini-golf and ice cream on Mother’s Day and we’ve had a great time.

3) Remember you can celebrate this holiday on any day. If you don’t have your kids for Mother’s Day, that can feel really hard. Don’t let the occasion go by unrecognized. Do something for yourself on Mother’s Day (i.e. pedicure, or brunch with your own mom/aunts etc) and schedule something to do with your kids on another day when they are with you. The point of the day is to have some special time together, and where it falls on the calendar doesn’t need to matter.

Mother’s Day as a divorced single mom will still be a beautiful day for you if you approach it with realistic expectations and a plan that you have created for your time together.