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DIY Gifts for Ex Husband for Father’s Day

Coming up with ideas for DIY gifts for ex husband for Father's Day might be tough - we've got six ideas like the crafty one this little girl is working on ready for you!

Get six ideas for DIY gifts for ex husband for Father’s Day!

For single moms and children whose parents are going through or have gone through a divorce, Father’s Day can be a challenging time. It can be difficult to know what gift to give or how to celebrate the day. Our ideas for DIY gifts for ex husband for Father’s Day are easy, inexpensive and let the kids – of all ages – express themselves in a meaningful way. It’s a win-win-win!

Here are some DIY gift ideas for your children to make for their dads.

From the little ones:
Handprint Art: Handprint art is a great idea (although a tad messy) and won’t cost much money for supplies. Let them turn their handprints into animals, birds or other characters they see in their own hands.

Framed Artwork: Create a unique piece of artwork using your child’s handprints, footprints, or fingerprints. Frame it and add a special message to make it even more meaningful. Grab the frame at the dollar store and make it even more cost effective – no one will know!

From the school aged kids:

Memory Jar: Suggest your children create a memory jar filled with memories written down on small pieces of paper. Place them in a jar and decorate it with some ribbon or other craft supplies.

Homemade Coupon Book: Your kids can create a homemade coupon book filled with special activities and treats that they can do with their dad. Some ideas could be a movie night, a favorite meal, or a fun day out.

From the older children:

Scrapbook: Older kids can spend some time working on a scrapbook filled with memories of your child and their father. It could include pictures, notes, or mementos that hold special meaning to both of them.

Handwritten Letter: If your child likes to express themselves with words, a letter or poem can be a nice way to do so. Consider framing it if they like or place it in a special box they can decorate.

Supporting your kids for Father’s Day can feel really hard (and may be the last thing you want to do) but your children will feel loved as you help them through the holiday. And there’s a reason DIY gifts for ex husband for Father’s Day is a popular topic – DIY gifts can be more meaningful, it can get the kids into a good head space about their dads and it’s super cost effective!

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