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Do You Need a Divorce Real Estate Agent?

Learn five questions you should ask when seeking a divorce real estate agent to help you sell or buy a home as you navigate your divorce.

Learn why hiring a DIVORCE Real Estate Agent can bring additional insight to your overall experience.

Hiring a divorce real estate agent is incredibly important, because with the home typically being the largest marital asset, you want to be sure the person you hire is going to accomplish your home-selling goals with all of the added factors of your divorce. While there are certifications for divorce real estate agents, many agents have acquired considerable experience representing transactions that are affected by a divorce and can be of additional support to you.

Here are some things to consider when hiring a divorce real estate agent:

1) Does this real estate agent indeed have experience working with divorcing clients? Selling a marital home in a divorce is different than typical sales, and you want someone who understand the nuances of this situation and how they can navigate what might be a tricky situation.
2) Is this real estate agent familiar with your local market? Asking your uncle who lives in another part of the state to help you probably isn’t the best idea in this situation. You want someone local who knows the area and has a finger on the pulse of the current market.
3) Is your soon-to-be ex in agreement with hiring this person? Selling a property with an ex is no easy matter. You want your ex to be comfortable with the professional that is going to be handling the sale, because if they aren’t, you’ll be dealing with a lot of push back which could delay the process. Experienced divorce real estate agents know this and can use their experience to help manage any objections.
4) Is this real estate agent providing realistic expectations? If you consult with three agents, and one of them says they can sell your house significantly quicker for significantly more money than the other two, that is a red flag in any instance. During a divorce, realistic expectations are even more important to avoid additional conflict situations and misunderstandings.
5) Will this agent be the best professional to sell the home? The agent that is best for selling your home will be incredibly professional, will not take sides between you and your ex, and will ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible with the added understanding this process may be complicated by the divorce process. They will give you straightforward, simple and inexpensive ways to get your home ready that will not increase the burden you’re already dealing with.

Hiring a divorce real estate agent is a big step towards closing this chapter of your life. And if you do find someone who you really trust and found helpful, you can ask them if they can help you figure out Where to Live After Divorce!

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Find a divorce real estate agent who makes it clear that they understand the complexities of your situation, shows you that they can navigate their role no matter what type of divorce you are in and gives you the most realistic expectations so you can execute and plan with confidence.

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