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Assembling Your Divorce Team

A couple exchanging a high five to celebrate finalizing a divorce team of support

Assembling your divorce team is the best thing you can do for yourself to ensure you have successful divorce outcomes!

Creating your own, hand selected divorce team help you cover all your bases, give you resources without your having to dig and give you the confidence that you are moving forward with the best possible foundation in place to navigate the divorce process. Here are a few things to consider when pulling together your very own divorce team of professionals.

First, ask yourself whether or not you and your about-to-be ex can work together through divorce mediation, or if you should hire a divorce attorney. Once you have that determined, find the person who is best tailored for you and your unique situation. Many divorce mediators/divorce attorneys have specialties that may align with your own specific needs.

As you research who you will choose to help you in the legal process of divorce, evaluate your post-divorce goals and create a list of your non-negotiables and your wishlist. This list will help guide you and your mediator/attorney on what to focus on as you negotiatie your divorce agreement. This list will also help you decide what professionals you may need or want to work with.

Second, look back over your post-divorce goals list and check which things on there you would like help figuring out. Here are some possibilities:

Do you need to buy a new home? Then you will likely want to consult with a mortgage lender and a real estate agent. Look for professionals who have experience in working with people going through divorce because they may have options for you that you may not even know of.

Do you have a car you want to keep but you’re currently on your ex’s insurance policy? You will want to get your own quote from an insurance agent to set up an individual policy.

Do you want to set up life insurance for your children in case something happens to you? A financial professional can help you choose from the available options and again, seek someone who specializes in or has a lot of experience with divorce and finances. They have ideas and information that is unique to divorce and can help you establish the best possible post divorce financial planning.

Are you getting out of a narcissistic relationship or just really want to focus on getting back to you? Then you can reach out to speak to a relationship coach who can help you during this transitional period.

Are you feeling confused about how your taxed income is going to be affected by alimony/child support? A tax professional for divorced people can answer those questions with their unique experience.

Do you currently have a will set up with your ex, or him listed as your health care proxy, or power of attorney or perhaps both? Then you should work with an estate planner to update these critical documents and ensure that your children are best served in your absence.

These may all feel like a lot right now. The good news is that you can surround yourself with amazing Divorce Squad Professionals today.

Last, take a deep breath! All of the above does not need to happen all at once. With each step of the divorce process and resulting divorce agreement, you will be able to address your goals with the support of your divorce team. Many divorces end up taking months (and perhaps to your dismay to hear, years). Your divorce can move more quickly and smoothly if you know what your priorities are and you have the proper professionals to help you achieve them.