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  • Company: Law Office of Yuliya M. Fisher-Nayyer
  • Title: Divorce/Family Law Attorney and Mediator
  • Service Area: Greater Boston Area: Norfolk, Middlesex, Suffolk, Plymouth, Bristol
  • Office Location: 220 North Main Street
About Me
  • Bio:

    I have been practicing family law for 18 years, helping families deal with some of their lives' most difficult and emotional situations. Whether representing a child in a DCF matter or supporting an adult through a difficult divorce, I am a client-focused attorney, tailoring my approach to the needs and personality of each individual I work with.

    My work began as an advocate for victims of domestic violence and as a law clerk for a family court judge in NJ. Prior to opening my own practice in Massachusetts, I was a litigator representing children in the NYC family court system.

    Presently, I provide litigation, consultation, and mediation services. I represent clients in the Probate and Family Court of the Commonwealth, as well as, in the Appeals Court. Besides my work in divorce and family law, I also focus on the guardianship of minors, child welfare matters in Juvenile Court, and the representation of incapacitated individuals in guardianship matters.

    My working languages are English and Russian.

  • Description of Services:
    • Divorce matters, both contested and uncontested
    • Separation agreement drafting and review
    • Prenuptial agreements
    • Post-judgment matters - modification, contempt, child support-related issues, etc.
    • Guardianship of Minor proceedings
    • Custody and visitation
    • Consultation services for clients involved in mediation
    • Paternity and related matters
    • Child welfare proceedings
    • Limited Assistance Representation
  • License Number: BBO# 672769
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