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  • Company: Family Law Practitioners, P.C.
  • Title: Divorce Attorney and Author of "Divorce the Drama! Your No Drama Guide to Managing Any 'Ex'"
  • Service Area: Middlesex, Essex, Suffolk, Plymouth, Worcester and Barnstable Counties
  • Office Location: 100 Sylvan Road
About Me
  • Bio:

    Melissa Sindeband Dragon has over 25 years of experience as a Divorce and Family Law Attorney, specializing in:

    *Contested Divorce litigation,

    *Uncontested Divorce Settlement Agreements;

    * Unmarried parents' child support and custody settlements;

    *Enforcement of unpaid alimony, child support and/or property division;

    *Post Divorce Modifications of Alimony, Child Support or Medical Insurance;

    *Pre-Nuptial Agreements;


    *Post-Nuptial Agreements;

    *Restraining Orders; and

    *College contribution disputes.

    Melissa is the Founding Attorney of Family Law Practitioners, P.C.,  is the Author of "Divorce the Drama! Your NO Drama Guide to managing ANY 'Ex" and is a frequent speaker on Advanced/Complex Family Law issues.

    Melissa and the Family Law Practitioners' team offer an empowering and compassionate approach when serving the unique needs of each client as they face one of the most challenging experiences in their life.  Having experienced Divorce on a personal level, Melissa brings the first hand knowledge of how the impact of divorce on the extended family is felt much deeper and wider than what occurs in a Courtroom.

    Knowing that "knowledge is power", Melissa and the Family Law Practitioners team are passionate about educating clients as to the workings of the 'legal matrix' that is the Family Court system in order to empower clients during each stage of their case. Viewing each client as the other half required for the formation of a successful legal team, Melissa enjoys incorporating each client's unique input into the strategy of their case for optimal outcomes.  Melissa recognizes that compassionate yet firm guidance and unrelenting support extended to each client yields positive growth and healing for each client and their family that remains in the wake of divorce.  In addition to Melissa's hands on approach with each client to determine the best legal strategy for their case, Melissa utilizes the help of divorce support groups, financial advisors, therapists, nutritionists and other professionals to provide extended supports to each client as they move forward and shape their post divorce lifestyle.

  • Description of Services:

    Family Law Practitioners, P.C. specializes in all aspects of Family Law including:

    *Contested Divorce;

    *Uncontested Divorce;

    *Child Custody and Child Support disputes;

    * Alimony/Spousal Support disputes;

    * De Facto Parent and/or Grandparent rights;

    *Step Parent Adoptions;

    *Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements;

    *Post Divorce Modification;

    *Mediation of College contribution related disputes;

    *Structuring Parenting Plans for unmarried Parents of minor children;

    *Enforcement of Court Orders via Contempt litigation.

  • License Number: BBO#638952
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