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  • Company: A Healthy Option
  • Title: Functional Health Coach
  • Service Area: Anywhere, via Zoom or Skype
About Me
  • Bio:

    Christa Lyons is a Functional Health Coach and an advocate for healthy living.

    She helps midlife women who are overwhelmed and feeling uncomfortable in their body, to dig deeper and uncover their hidden blocks, using functional lab screenings and a whole foods approach, so they can finally address the underlying issues and get back to feeling like themselves again.

    Christa has certifications from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner program.

  • Description of Services:

    Christa will work with you 1-1 to create a personalized health plan, unique to YOUR body.

    It is not easy going through a major life event and it is common to put our own self care last. When you are ready, creating a plan that is tailored just for YOU, will be the quickest way to bust through weight gain, fatigue and stress, and finally start feeling like yourself again.

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