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Trying to Find a Divorce Coach?

Learn how to find a divorce coach like this friendly woman ready to support you through your process.

If you’ve been trying to find a divorce coach, look no further!

Divorce Squad has you covered! Through Divorce Squad, you can find a divorce coach who can guide you through the pre-divorce steps, the divorce process, and post-divorce transition. Our divorce coaches are all wonderful people with a genuine interest in helping you through this often difficult process with compassion, support and expert insight. Even the most amicable divorces create huge changes and having a divorce coach in your corner can help everything go more smoothly and with less stress.

But first, why hire a divorce coach?
When I went through my divorce, I had never heard of a divorce coach. In retrospect, I absolutely would have benefited from the advice and guidance of one. A divorce coach is a professional who can walk alongside you through your divorce from start to finish, and beyond. Divorce can be a very lonely journey, but you don’t have to walk it alone!

What does a divorce coach do?
The divorce coach is knowledgeable on a variety of important factors from how to file for your divorce with an attorney, to how to communicate with your ex post-divorce, to what you can do to take care of YOU through the process. A divorce coach is the person you hire to not only make sure that you are making good choices during your divorce, but that after your divorce you are in a healthier, happier place. A good divorce coach will not just provide you with emotional support, they will keep you accountable to the choices that will best serve you.

How do I find a divorce coach?
This is what is so wonderful about Divorce Squad! All you have to do is search our wonderful professionals and find the coach that is right for you! All our coaches have their own specific strengths so browse all the profiles and see who just might be the right person to help support and guide you as you take on this new chapter.

If I had been able to work with a divorce coach, my divorce would have felt much less lonely, less overwhelming, and generally less stressful. I really lacked the support I needed to feel confident in all the decisions I was making. And post-divorce, I really had to rebuild myself in all areas and would have benefited from coaching. I’m delighted to be able to help you find a divorce coach so you can have a much better experience than I did!

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