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Back-to-school Tips for Divorcing Moms

A chalkboard with the words back to school - use our back-to-school tips for divorcing moms for a less stressful experience for everyone.

Grab these seven useful back-to-school tips for divorcing moms and start the school year with less stress!

The return to school can already often be a difficult transition, even more so when you’re going through a divorce. In that case, there are usually additional emotional, financial, and logistical factors adding to the stress. Today I am sharing seven back-to-school tips for divorcing moms that can help you ease into the year and stay on a positive track.

1) Maintain open communication with your ex-spouse.
This may be a tough one but it’s an important one. Coordinating schedules, discussing school-related matters, and making joint decisions whenever possible will be in the best interest of your kids. Keep the communication focused on the well-being of your children and their school needs.

2) Create consistent routines for the kids – and you!
Consistency is essential for children, so establish a back-to-school routine that includes consistent bedtimes, morning routines, and homework schedules. Having predictability in their daily lives can help your kids adjust to the new school year more easily. If it’s possible to have the same or similar routines when kids are with both parents, that is ideal though maybe unattainable. If you cannot have the same routine, then focus your energy on the consistency you can create when your kids are with you.

3) Attend school-related events together (if possible).
Another tough one, but whenever possible, attend school-related events together with your ex-spouse. Parent-teacher conferences, back-to-school nights, or school performances can be attended as a united front. This shows your children that both parents want to be involved in their education and care about them.

4) Be supportive and empathetic with the kids.
Going back to school after a divorce can be emotionally challenging for children. Be supportive and empathetic to their feelings by encouraging open conversations about their concerns, reassuring them that you are there for them.

5) Stay organized with school activities.
Divorced moms often have to manage various schedules, activities, sports and the accompanying uniforms/equipment. Use tools like shared online calendars to keep track of school events, extracurricular activities, and parenting responsibilities. This can help both parents stay informed and avoid misunderstandings.

6) Take care of yourself!
As a divorcing mom, you may experience a mix of emotions during this time. It’s essential to take care of yourself emotionally and seek support from friends, family, or a therapist if needed. And don’t be shy about asking for help from other parents. Maybe you need a ride for your child to practice or to a birthday party. Ask for help and return the favors when you have the bandwidth to do so.

7) Keep the school informed of the situation.
You do not need to go into details of your marital woes, but at a minimum, make sure the school and individual teachers are aware of the divorce as well as understand the specifics of your child(ren)’s schedules. This will help the school/teachers best support your kids.

These seven back-to-school tips for divorcing moms may be simple but they are great basic building blocks for you to use as your foundation for an easy, less-stress and seamless re-entry to the academic year.