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  • Company: Foundations Family Law & Mediation Center
  • Title: Founding Attorney
  • Service Area: Massachusetts: Worcester, Norfolk, Plymouth, Bristol, & Middlesex counties. All counties in Rhode Island.
  • Office Location: 1225 Providence Road
About Me
  • Bio:

    Jolee E. Vacchi is the Founding Attorney of Foundations Family Law & Mediation Center located in Whitinsville (Northbridge), MA. She is a respected, experienced, and compassionate family law practitioner licensed in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Most recently, prior to establishing Foundations Family Law, she worked for several years at a mid-sized family law firm in the Worcester, MA area rising to the title of Supervising Attorney.

    While being an empowering and calming presence for her clients, Jolee also has the uncanny ability to transform into a zealous and compelling legal advocate when the occasion calls for it. Once dubbed “The Weapon” by an opposing party in a divorce case, one of her favorite sayings is: “Underestimate Me– That Will Be Fun.”

    Jolee emphatically believes that the best outcomes for families in legal conflict most often result from negotiated settlements. She is a collaboratively-trained attorney and Certified Divorce and Family Law Mediator and leverages her expertise and experience in alternative dispute resolution to obtain optimal results for her clients.

    In addition to her interests in alternative dispute resolution and settlement negotiations, Jolee also enjoys working on high-conflict cases involving the potential removal/relocation of children out-of-state, coercive control and narcissistic abuse, and contested guardianships of a minor.

    Jolee is originally from Dartmouth, Massachusetts. After graduating magna cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in U.S. History & Criminology from Stonehill College, she became a first-generation law school graduate earning her Juris Doctorate magna cum laude from Roger Williams University School of Law in 2012. In law school, Jolee focused her studies, internships, and clinical experiences on family law and mediation, which have always been her legal passions. She earned a position on the Editorial Staff for The Roger Williams University Law Review and interned at the Providence County Family Court Mediation Unit.

    Outside of the negotiation room and the courthouse, Jolee can be found on her homestead caring for her mixed flock of chickens, ducks, and Nigerian Dwarf goats in the company of her husband and two children.

  • Description of Services:

    Foundations Family Law & Mediation Center was created to be an intentionally different family law firm. Instead of creating more drama, we resolve it. Because at the end of the day, that’s what’s best for you and your family.

    Divorce, custody, and other legal issues connected to the family are inherently stressful and emotional because the issues in dispute are so personal and high stakes. Traditional litigation does no favors to ease these negative effects on family members. It creates a dynamic of You versus Me. There’s a winner and a loser-- and where are the children considered in this equation?

    We believe there is a simpler and better way to resolve family law conflicts. Instead of increasing conflict through traditional litigation methods, we prioritize using mediation and strategic attorney negotiations to amicably disentangle family law issues and optimize results for our clients. And the results have been nothing short of stellar for the families that we work with.

    If this aligns with what you are looking for in a family law attorney or mediator, we invite you to connect with us to learn more about the possibilities for your personal circumstances.

  • License Number: MA: 685007 and RI: 8930
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