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Getting Through Valentine’s Day After Divorce

Valentines Day after your divorce doesn’t have to be depressing! By scheduling activities, you can move through the day without much sadness and without feeling sorry for yourself.
Valentines Day

Getting through Valentine’s Day after divorce may feel like an impossible task, but it can be done!

You have a lot on your mind these days, so celebrating Valentine’s Day may be last on your list of things you want to do. But reframing the holiday to be about love, not just romantic love, is the key to not just getting through the holiday, but enjoying it. Here are 5 ideas for getting through Valentine’s Day after your divorce:

1) Galentine’s Day with Your Girls. This is usually done on the 13th, but if you have single friends who are free on the 14th, schedule something fun to do that evening. It could be getting your nails done or it could be gathering at someone’s home to binge a show you haven’t seen. Whatever the date and wherever you are, celebrate the friendships that have seen you through all the ups in downs in your life.
2) Valentine’s Day with Family. Sometimes we get so caught up in our romantic lives, we pay little attention at Valentine’s Day to our family members that are lonely. Do you have an aunt that is widowed or divorced herself? Bring her some flowers. I guarantee you will absolutely make her day.
3) Valentine’s Day with Kids. No one loves Valentine’s Day more than kids. It’s all about the candy treats. Grab some sweets for the little ones in your life, whether it be your own kids or your nieces/nephews or friends kids. Feeling really energetic? Offer to babysit for your favorite couple so they can grab dinner while you hang out at home. I promise you will not have a moment to wallow as you’ll be kept running around all night!
4) Valentines for Coworkers. Plan to bring in some cookies that you’ve made or some conversation hearts. Plenty of adults receive no love on this day and you could be the bright part of the day!
5) Valentine’s Day Love for Yourself. If you decide you want to fly solo on this day/evening, make a plan for yourself. Decide you’re going to the mall to buy a new sweater or plan out a relaxing evening in the bath. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something for you to enjoy. Don’t spend the evening watching Hallmark Movies and feeling sorry for yourself. There’s a lot to love about yourself!!

Valentines Day after your divorce doesn’t have to be depressing. By scheduling activities, you can move through the holiday without much sadness and without feeling sorry for yourself. You may even create a new tradition for yourself!

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