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Seven Basic Good Habits For the New Year

A women writing in her journal - one of the seven basic good habits for the new year we share today.

Grab these seven basic good habits for the new year and kick off 2023 with an awesome reset!

When it comes to a new year, almost everyone starts thinking about “New Year’s resolutions” and come up with a big lost of audacious goals. We’d like to offer a different – and MUCH more doable alternative – a handful of basic good habits for the new year that can give you a great reset and a fresh approach to everything we do.

By getting back to basic good habits, we can ensure our stress levels are reduced and we can enjoy a quieter time.  Here are some areas to focus on – they are all doable, easy to incorporate and can make a huge difference for you:

1) Your Morning Routine – no need to dash off to early morning sales at the mall, your mornings should be consistent with what time you get up and what your practices are.  They say that the way you start the day sets the tone for the whole day so spend some mindful time in the morning to set your intentions for the day and avoid screen time.
2) How Much Water You’re Drinking – the holidays lend themselves to indulgences, not all of them in our best interest. The champagne toasts are over so trade them in for lots of healthy hydration.
3) Getting Your Movement In – it’s fun to sit around and watch Hallmark Movies the month of December, but it’s time to get off the coach and move your body. You don’t need to invest in a gym membership; you can go for a walk or follow an online workout tutorial.
4) Practicing Gratitude – the holidays can feel so crazed we forget to pause and feel appreciation for what we have in life. Get back in to the daily practice of noticing the small blessings in your life.
5) Limiting Social Media – It’s easy to get sucked into the void of scrolling late night on social media, but set a limit for your screen time and stick to it.
6) Connecting with Loved Ones – Big social gatherings don’t always allow for “real” conversations about how individuals are doing, so make time to reach out to loved ones.
7) Getting to Bed “On Time” – there’s no shame in setting a bedtime for yourself the way a parent does for a child. A parent makes sure their child goes to bed at a reasonable time to ensure they wake up well rested and will more likely have a good day. Do the same for yourself!

See? Super basic but each one individually or all together, these basic good habits for the new year can really give you a big bump in your mindset and give you what you need to take on the new year!

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