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Back to School Planning For Parents After Divorce

Come on over and get some excellent tips for back to school planning for parents after divorce that will make things easier for everyone!
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Get some GREAT tips for back to school planning for parents after divorce!

Back to school planning for parents after divorce can be extra stressful on everyone – Moms, Dads and kids. There are so many things to think about: Supplies, sports, parent-teacher conferences, clothes, schedules….the list goes on. Ensuring your children don’t feel additional anxiety because of your situation is challenging but there are some things you can do to help. Here are 5 ways you help alleviate stress for yourself and your kids:
1) Get organized at home! Being in a disorganized environment can exacerbate feelings of stress and anxiousness. Take some time to donate your kid’s old clothes/toys and declutter their bedroom and homework spaces.
2) Review required school supply lists and purchase them early. Whether your kids need new backpacks/lunches or just supplies, get that shopping list done so you can check it off your to-do list.
3) Assess any back-to-school clothing/shoe needs. Clothing/shoes may or may not be part of your shared child expenses/support. Either way, you don’t need to break the bank on back-to-school shopping. Leverage local consignment shops or websites, or check in with family/friends who may have some hand-me-downs from their growing kids. Buying off-season can also help defray some costs.
4) Complete your fall calendar so you know what lays ahead. Practices/games/birthday parties will come quickly, and knowing your schedule will help you feel more prepared and in control.
5) Be transparent with the school and your children’s teachers. Do not be ashamed to let your child’s teacher know up front that you are divorced/divorcing. Having this insight is critical to the teacher(s) awareness on your children’s progress and if anything at home is impacting their learning. Ensure you receive whatever communications that are being sent out about your child(ren) so you can be fully supportive.
Want to learn more about supporting your children? Check out this article on what to read together. In the meantime, note which of these tips for back to school planning for parents after divorce YOU can use, put them in place and get some ease around an already stressful time.

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