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Divorce Squad is Your Divorce Professional Network

A group of people clasping hands and working together as your divorce professional network.

Learn how Divorce Squad – your divorce professional network ready to assist in every aspect of this process – got started.

When I went through my own divorce experience, I found it to be lonely, confusing and overwhelming.  I knew I needed a divorce professional network but not knowing who to turn to or who to hire, I found myself simply Googling for help. These results were often unclear and I was left guessing who to hire. What I really needed was one place I could go to where I could connect with all the professionals I needed to help guide and support me through the process.

Not finding what I needed, I created Divorce Squad so that you could easily connect to the Divorce Professional Network that you need. After all, if you can’t find it, you build it so you can share it with other people you know are in the same position!

So you may ask yourself, “Who Do I Need in My Divorce Professional Network?”  Every divorce is different, but the most commonly needed professionals are:

  • Divorce Attorney or Divorce Mediator – This is an absolute, especially in Massachusetts where the laws can be a little different from other states.
  • Real Estate Agent – If you need to sell or buy a home or look for suitable housing with divorce mandated issues, a professional can really help.
  • Mortgage Lender – Newly single people, especially parents, can use the expert guidance and tips from seasoned professionals.
  • Tax Professional – During and post-divorce, tax preparation can be tricky and professionals have seen it all and can help you navigate often messy waters.
  • Insurance Professional – Your coverage needs change significantly when you get divorced, especially with kids.
  • Financial Advisor – Getting expert advice when going from two incomes to one, especially with shared custody, can make all the difference.
  • Estate Planning Attorney – You want to make sure that your current and acquired assets are protected going forward after divorce.
  • Divorce Coach – Why go it alone? A coach can help you gain some clarity and give you the tools to navigate the process without losing yourself.
  • Health/Wellness Professionals – Taking care of ourselves is often last on the list but you cannot fill from an empty cup!

Your next question might be ” Gosh, Do I Need to Hire an entire Divorce Professional Network All at Once?

For sure, no! Different steps of the divorce process have requirements, and the professional that can provide that service can be hired at the appropriate time. Many of the professionals you hire you may work with for future services post-divorce. However, sourcing all your divorce professionals in one spot can be very helpful because hopefully – as in my case here in Divorce Squad – all the professionals are carefully vetted. Also, each professional being part of the Divorce Squad community brings their own expertise and skills and, as colleagues, know that working together to support clients provides optimal outcomes.

So now you are wondering how CAN you find your own Divorce Professional Network?

I invite you to come check out Divorce Squad. We make it easy to find the people you need. You can search by professional type and then learn about that person to find the right fit for you. You can see how each divorce professional brings their unique perspective to support you and browse the blog for TONS of helpful articles, tips and information.

I wish that Divorce Squad had existed when I got divorced so I felt confident in the professional support I had around me. You can surround yourself with professionals you trust, and have a better, more successful experience by making Divorce Squad your divorce professional network!