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What To Do With A Wedding Ring After Divorce

wedding rings - what to do with a wedding ring after divorce

Get seven ideas for what to do with that wedding ring after divorce.

What to do with a wedding ring after divorce is not a question that needs to be immediately answered, though it often seems top of mind. Years ago, I worked with a woman who was going through a divorce and upon hearing the news another co-worker loudly asked, “Did you pawn the ring!?” The person uncomfortably and awkwardly shared that she had, because this isn’t really a question you want to be asked, or should have to answer.

If you’re debating what you should do with your own wedding ring after divorce, rest assured there are many things you can consider doing. Here are just seven options:
1) Return the ring, if it makes sense to. If you were given a family heirloom that you no longer value, returning it to the family it came from might feel like the right thing to do.
2) Turn your wedding ring into jewelry for your children. Necklaces pendants, earrings, watch enhancements are just a few options you may consider.
3) Repurpose your wedding ring for yourself. If you have no attachment to the jewelry or the emotion behind it, you may consider using your ring to fashion another type of jewelry for yourself.
4) Sell your wedding ring after divorce. Many women turn to this option as a means to gain some liquid assets quickly. If you go down this path, do your research. Talk to multiple shops and jewelers to see who will give you the best offer.
5) Do nothing! You have a lot going on and many decisions to make, this is the least of them. Put the ring in the back of your bureau drawer, and figure it out later.
6) Throw it in the ocean like the old lady did with the necklace in Titanic! (I do not recommend this option; divers are expensive!)
7) Donate it. If you don’t need the money, and don’t want to have the ring in your possession, find a charity close to your heart and give them the ring. They can sell it or auction it, and the proceeds can be used to help those in need. Suddenly the symbol of your pain because the source of love once again.

What you do with a wedding ring after divorce is your business and your decision. Take your time deciding what to do with it and know that there isn’t any one right solution so you can’t go wrong!