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Four Reasons To Use an Agency for Travel After Divorce

Travel after divorce can feel very different – find out why using an agency can make it so much easier!

Travel after divorce or during a separation might make taking a vacation a different experience. Whether you’re accustomed to traveling with a partner and are traveling for the first time solo, or are traveling with children for the first time as a single parent, the trip is going to feel unlike previous ones. This new experience can definitely be scary or overwhelming at first, but with some strategic planning you can have a wonderful time. Working with a travel agent who understands the nuances of traveling as a single person, or as a single parent, can really reduce stress and ensure you have the best time ever!

We talked to the very friendly and helpful folks at Whimsical Wishes Travel about travel after divorce and here’s what they had to share with us.

“At Whimsical Wishes Travel, we provide every client with an exceptional level of service, personalized to their wants and needs, to create a superior and truly memorable vacation.

You may be thinking, aren’t travel agencies a thing of the past? It’s a misconception that we hear all the time. But while the role of a travel advisor has certainly changed over the years, the importance of working with a travel professional has only increased in our post-COVID world.

Here are the top four reasons why:

#1. We’re the experts. Maintaining and growing our education through online training, in-person education, and our own travel experiences is a priority.

We work closely with relevant industry associations and government agencies to ensure that correct information regarding travel is communicated to you.

In a time of uncertainty, an ever changing environment, and many factors for consideration, it’s more important than ever to have a professional in your corner.

#2. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service. We work with you to customize your experience based on your interests and needs.

From accommodations to activities, tours, and celebrations, every step of the planning process is tailored to you.

This personalized approach to client service and vacation planning allows us to help you have a superior and truly memorable vacation.

#3. We add value to your vacation. We provide value added services that go far beyond booking your vacation reservation to help you maximize your vacation investment.

Your vacation is your wish, and as such, we work with you to customize your experience based on your interest and needs.

We monitor and apply applicable promotions, provide detailed itineraries at time of travel, and everything in-between!

#4. We’re your partner in travel. We are your consistent contact throughout your vacation planning process.

We are here for you; with us in your corner, you can focus on enjoying your vacation and creating memories together.

As your travel advisor, we are your single point of contact and we handle your travel arrangements with various suppliers.

We look forward to a wonderful partnership with Divorce Squad, and in turn, helping many of you plan epic vacations in 2024 and beyond.”

Ready to start planning that special trip?  Contact Whimsical Wishes Travel Concierge today!

At Divorce Squad, we are all about providing you with information that can help make every step of this chapter of your life a little easier, a little better and less stressful. Knowing that there is someone who can help you set up your first vacation or foray into travel after divorce is hopefully something you can take advantage of soon!