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Three Tips to Stay Healthy this Summer

Our three tips to stay healthy this summer for sure include jumping in this inviting pool with that colorful beach ball waiting to be tossed around.

Learn our three tips to stay healthy this summer even with all the yummy distractions!


Our three tips to stay healthy this summer are easy to remember and can help you stay healthy this summer even with all those delicious distractions. This time of year is all about warm days on the beach with a cocktail in hand, backyard barbecues, ice cream sundaes, and picnics in the park…so what happens if you’re trying to stick to a positive plan? It’s true that food and fun seem to go hand in hand during the summertime. For every outdoor activity there is to get involved in, there’s a snack that pairs with it. Does that then go to say that you can’t enjoy your summer unless you’re skipping snacks for a grilled chicken salad? Not for me it doesn’t!

Here are my three tips to stay healthy this summer and still enjoy yourself:

1. Choose water when given the option.

When you’re filling your glass this summer, choosing water as your beverage is a really easy way to help keep your health balanced. Sodas and lemonade have a lot of empty calories that can add up a lot faster when you’re drinking them instead of eating them. There’s a lot of added sugar in those sweet summer beverages, and that might lead to you feeling sluggish and crashing later.

Drinking water will help you feel your best, and during the summer, you really need the extra hydration. If you are treating yourself to a different kind of drink, consider adding in a glass of water between each beverage. Don’t love plain water? Add Electro to it, you’ll get great summer flavors and the regenerative effect of the antioxidants. That way, you can enjoy the fruity summer drinks you love without feeling yucky the next day!

2. Take advantage of all the food-free fun summer has to offer.

It’s so fun to grab ice cream in the summer, or sip on a fruity cocktail with friends, but there’s also a ton of fun to be had that doesn’t involve food at all. This summer, try to prioritize trying out new activities when it’s time to have fun rather than selecting a food-centered option. Grab a friend and rent a kayak, pitch a tent, hike a trail, or take your bicycle out for a spin–the options for fun in the summer are limitless, so you don’t have to settle for snacking as your only activity!

3. Consider if you really want that treat and why you want it before diving in.

When you start dreaming about a summer treat, try to be patient and consider whether you really want it, or if it’s just a temporary craving. Maybe you’ve let your blood sugar get low and it’s time for a good solid PFC meal. If you really do want to treat yourself, that’s totally fine! I love to indulge every now and then. But consider why you really want the treat before you dive in and make sure it isn’t just because you’re bored, or feeling down, or because everyone else is getting it. Decide to indulge in treats for yourself, not because you’re being influenced by those around you.

Summer is such a fun season, and I love that there’s so much to do outside this time of year! We can enjoy every minute of summer and stay healthy too, by listening to our body and making the right choices for ourselves.

Living a healthy lifestyle is a huge priority for me, so I try to make choices that reflect that. I love working out, going for walks, and finding new healthy recipes to try to recreate. But while I’m happy to make healthy choices that I know benefit my body, I never feel guilty about choosing the less-healthy option every now and then when I really want it. If you’d like to join me in a 21-day reset to get your body feeling great, contact me I would be happy to send you information!

In the meantime, focus on these three tips to stay healthy this summer, treat yourself when it’s a real treat and take advantage of all the soul filling, heart warming and judgement free fun things you can have and do this season!