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Staying Healthy on Your Girls Trip

Staying Healthy on Your Post-Divorce Girls Trip - Divorce Squad

Staying Healthy on Your Girls Trip is Achievable! Over the summer, I took a trip with a girlfriend of mine up to Newport, Rhode Island for a short vacation. I was taking a lot of cautions for COVID for over a year, so after receiving my vaccine, I was more than ready for a getaway.

I always try to make healthy choices when I can, and traveling doesn’t always make that as easy as I’d like. Between fast food stops and lots of time spent in a cramped car, it can be tough to stay healthy when traveling.

However, I love having fun and enjoying life, so I always encourage the women I work with to do the things they love! There are so many ways to travel, soak up exciting moments, and enjoy new sights and food without going totally off track.

Here are my tips for staying healthy while seeing the world.

Hydrate, then hydrate again.

Before you leave for your trip, pack a refillable water bottle that you can keep handy. Dehydration is a major problem when traveling, and it’s so easy to accidentally miss out on most of your water intake without even realizing it. Having a large water bottle ready to go and easy to refill will keep your body hydrated. Even better, while you travel, you’ll be able to avoid gas station stops for sugary beverages that leave you feeling weighed down.

Not a big fan of plain water? Add something to it that enhances the flavor! I like to add my collagen (peach flavor) – it gives me an additional 5 grams of collagen protein and makes it sooo easy to drink plenty of water. Check it out here.

Bring a shake to mix on the way.

When I’m leaving for a journey, I like to put servings of a powdered shake mix into Ziploc snack-size baggies and bring it along. If I end up somewhere that only has fast food as an option, I can easily mix that in my Blender Bottle with some water and have a healthy meal to hold me over. Or if that seems like too much work, grab individual packets of a shake to take with you. I love this one. This is also an easy trick for hikes or beach days because it doesn’t take up much space and doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

Book a place with a fridge.

When finding the perfect hotel or Airbnb for your stay, try to choose one that has a fridge. You can make a quick stop by a store or order grocery delivery at the beginning of your trip and keep a few healthy snacks on hand, like fresh fruits and veggies. You can also plan a couple of handmade meals during your stay to give your body a break from restaurant food that’s often full of extra sodium.

With just a little time spent planning ahead, there are so many ways to stick to a healthy lifestyle while you travel. The reality is that life is meant to be enjoyed, so if you want to eat out each night of your trip, do it! If an ice cream cone at the beach is going to make you smile, grab one while you’re there. Staying healthy will help you enjoy these moments even more while you travel, and going off track once or twice on vacation isn’t going to make or break your health.

Traveling can be so refreshing, and it’s absolutely a form of self-care that we all need every now and then, especially if you are going through a divorce. Being intentional about drinking plenty of water, moving when you can, and having a few healthy meals on hand will help you enjoy every moment of your journey.

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