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Save Money With an Amicable Divorce Settlement

a woman considering our tips to save money with an amicable divorce settlement

Learn six things to consider so you can save money with an amicable divorce settlement.

There are too-many-to-list issues to consider when getting divorced and finances are usually in the top few things on that list. Today we are going to share ways to save money with an amicable divorce settlement. This is one of the best strategies for cost savings and while the question of “How much does divorce cost” is not simple, I can tell you that the less costly divorces are those that are handled with conflict minimized as much as possible.

If you enter divorce with a battle mindset and have the desire to “win”, you will end up losing monetarily in legal fees. You will find yourself and your ex battling over every tiny detail and piece of serving ware in your dining room, costing you thousands of dollars in attorney fees with every back-and-forth argument that ensues. Soon, your attorney bills are higher than the value of whatever it is you are fighting for.

Before you spend more than you need to on your legal fees, consider what is most important to you in the long run and advocate for that. Do not fight over insignificant details or items, when the cost of doing so far outweighs the benefit of those line items on your divorce agreement. It’s easy to get emotionally sucked into the attorney or court battles, but it just hurts your wallet and your peace to do so.
How much your divorce costs will depend on your willingness to fight for what is most important to you, and compromise on the rest that is insignificant to your future well-being.

Here are 6 things to consider:
1) There is no “winner” in divorce. Approaching the process that things will ultimately end up being fairly divided is important.
2) Decide what is the most important outcome for you in the process, and have that be your primary focus.
3) Think of the proposed settlement and flip the script so you are on the receiving end of what your ex may be given. Does it sound fair?
4) Do not spend any time trying to get what you won’t use in your next chapter i.e. the weird artwork that you never liked and would never hang in your new place.
5) Don’t be petty. This can be hard, but if there’s something your ex loves that you couldn’t care less about, let them have it.
6) Think about your children. The BEST advice is to always remember you are dealing with your children’s parent. It is better to reframe your thought to you are dealing with your children’s parent than you are dealing with your ex. This will naturally allow you to approach them with a more amicable tone, as that is what your children would want.

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Emotions run high in the divorce process, positive and negative. It can be easy to lose sight of the end goal as you are managing all of those emotions plus the added stress of a whole new life. Use these tips to save money with an amicable divorce settlement and you will be much happier when the dust has settled. Truly, having an amicable divorce is better for you, your children and your wallet!