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Prioritizing Self-Care After Divorce

Prioritizing self care after divorce is absolutely imperative and you can journal your progress like this woman is in her pink notebook.

Learn three basic ways to start prioritizing self care after divorce.

I am sure by now everyone is over setting New Year’s Resolutions…. You’ve either stuck to them or boycotted them by now and chances are your prioritizing self care after divorce has already gone by the wayside.

To be honest I am not the biggest fan of New Year’s resolutions, but what I am in favor of is a focus on positive changes in your life on every day of the year.
If you’re reflecting and evaluating what kind of changes you need to make, you might be considering changes in your diet, finances, or activity levels. But have you considered how self-care, especially after a divorce,  fits into your year?

Our to do lists seem never ending and why would you want to add more tasks or goals to a never ending list? Who knows? But with so much to do, and maybe juggling your kids between all of their things, so many of those goals never come to fruition. Instead of tacking on endless assignments for yourself in the name of a “resolution,” start by adding in self-care.  By adding some much needed me time you will find that most things become easier to do. After all, how can we expect ourselves to complete and reach our goals when we don’t even have time to restore our own energy? Prioritizing self care after divorce is NOT selfish, it’s essential!

Here are three tips for adding in some “me-time” self care into your routine:

1. Turn checking things off your to-do list self-care.
When I have a somewhat mindless task that needs to be completed, like folding laundry, I combine it with self-care. I put on some music, block off a room and tackle the task at hand. Am I still getting things done? Yes. Do I get to be in my little zone for a while? Yes. Do I feel a little more refreshed and energized instead of sick of matching socks? Usually!

2. Maintain a consistent daily walk
Even on a long, full day, I always make sure to hit my step goal. Walking is a great way to maintain physical health, and for me, it’s also self-care. When I walk, I get to leave the world behind and refresh my body and mind for a little while. And if your kiddos aren’t old enough to leave on their own while you take your daily walk? Take them with you! This might feel a little less self-care focused but chances are they will be as distracted by the sights and sounds as you are and give you the chance to appreciate the fresh air, sunshine and movement.

3. Stop for a snack
This might seem overly simple, but when things get busy, it’s easy to accidentally forget to eat, especially when starting a new routine. I always pack a healthy, PFC3 (protein, fat and carbs) snack with me so that I never find myself without a balanced meal to keep me going. Think about how many times you felt out of sorts and realized you were HUNGRY. And we ALWAYS have snacks for the kids, right? Include yourself in that loving preparation!

As time passes, we always start shifting priorities and working on some new goals. Don’t forget to prioritize yourself and your “me-time,” and you’ll find that you’re in a better place mentally to reach all your new goals for yourself. You cannot pour from an empty cup! Plus you’ll be setting a good example for your kids when they see that your prioritizing self care after divorce comes from a place of self love, care for them and wanting to be the best you can be!