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Category: Staying Healthy During Divorce

Staying healthy during divorce isn’t just “nice” – it is absolutely essential to take care of yourself. Being newly independent means you need to be able to rely on yourself in ways that may be new to you. And if you have children, you know that they are depending on you in a new and different way, too.

Self-care during divorce isn’t just about being kind to and treating yourself. It means taking CARE of yourself so you can use your independence in a powerful and healthy way. We have collected some great information for you to learn how to achieve and maintain good health – mentally, physically, spiritually – and make staying healthy during divorce a priority.

Dec 13
Trying New Things After Divorce

Trying new things after divorce can be just as exhilarating as it might be scary!   Trying new things after divorce can have you feeling scared, excited or “scited” as I recently heard Glennon Doyle describe in her podcast. I often see the phrase “New Year, New You!” and frankly, I despise that. No need […]

Oct 14
Creating a Morning Routine Post Divorce

Creating a morning routine during or after your divorce is an excellent way to help you feel better about each new day. Before getting divorced, my day used to start when one of my three children woke up. After going through the divorce process and finding myself increasingly stressed, tired and depleted, I decide I […]

Jul 19
How To Move Through Divorce – Five Tips!

See how you can successfully move through divorce while moving ON with your life! Figuring out how to move through divorce (and not getting stuck standing still) is so important when life feels like it has come to a screeching halt. Small tasks may seem unimportant to deal with when your life feels like it’s […]

Jun 02
Being Happy Alone After Divorce

Being happy alone after divorce can feel strange - come get five great tips on how to use your alone time to replenish, refresh and revive!

Aug 29
Self-Care During Divorce

Self-care during divorce is paramount for keeping balance. Finding a calming activity should be a part of your daily routine.

Mar 03
Eating During Divorce

Eating during divorce is so important! Step by step, focus on healthier eating, and what is really best for you and your body.

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