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Everyone needs divorce help before, during and after the process. There are many steps to be taken and questions to be answered. How am I going to get through this divorce? How much does a divorce cost? How long does a divorce take? How is divorce going to affect my children? What’s the best method of self-care during this stressful time? Divorce Squad can provide you with the insight you need to succeed.

Divorce help comes in many different ways. Whether you need information or advice on how to establish effective divorce co-parenting plans, learn how divorce affects your taxes, exploring how divorce mediation can be an effective component to your legal plan, how to make sure you don’t forget about taking care of yourself – you can’t pour from an empty cup! – and all kinds of other divorce help you might not have known you need is all available here!

Aug 11
Activities To Help Parents and Children In Divorce

Today we are sharing some activities to help parents and children in divorce spend some quality time together that won't break the bank!

Jul 19
How To Move Through Divorce – Five Tips!

See how you can successfully move through divorce while moving ON with your life! Figuring out how to move through divorce (and not getting stuck standing still) is so important when life feels like it has come to a screeching halt. Small tasks may seem unimportant to deal with when your life feels like it’s […]

Jul 19
How To Put On A Brave Face After Divorce

See how you can make putting on a brave face after divorce can work for you! Putting on a brave face after divorce – getting brave! – can take some time but can be done! The way I did it may not be the “best” way, or the doctor-approved way to do it, but some […]

Jun 02
Being Happy Alone After Divorce

Being happy alone after divorce can feel strange - come get five great tips on how to use your alone time to replenish, refresh and revive!

May 18
Celebrating Father’s Day for Divorced Dads

Father's Day for divorced dads CAN be fun and gratifying - come get four tips on how you can make this day a good one for everyone.

May 18
Becoming the “Man of the House” After Divorce

Becoming the "man of the house" after divorce can look like whatever you want it to and this four step plan can help you determine that!

May 07
Vacations After Divorce – Five Tips!

Planning and going on vacations after divorce can feel daunting - here are five tips to help you plan a great post-divorce vacation.

Feb 02
Using Social Media during Divorce

Social media can help you during divorce by maintaining connections, but can cause issues if not used properly.

Nov 23
Celebrating Your Children’s Birthdays after Divorce

Celebrating children's birthdays after divorce can be a special time if you incorporate some old traditions and start new traditions.

Nov 11
Support During Divorce

Connect with professionals that you can build trust with and a relationship to support you through divorce and in your next chapters of life.

Aug 29
Self-Care During Divorce

Self-care during divorce is paramount for keeping balance. Finding a calming activity should be a part of your daily routine.

Aug 29
Creating a New Normal

By creating a new normal, you can begin to have some semblance of balance in your life following divorce. Create your new normal now >

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