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Category: Managing Divorce Finances

Managing divorce finances can feel VERY scary and overwhelming. Whether you are navigating this process with no income of your own or in a position of financial security  understanding, navigating and managing your money through and after a divorce can be complicated. There may even be financial factors you haven’t considered that you can plan for now to avoid future issues. You do not need to manage all of this on your own!

Managing divorce finances doesn’t have to be an added stressor when you have information that can help! Come browse our articles and information about money management strategies for during and after your divorce to help you successfully become financially savvy and confident in your new independence.

Oct 11
A Divorce Expert on Financial Divorce Planning

Today we hear from a divorce expert on financial divorce planning – learn what you need to know to set a solid plan. The issue of divorce planning can seem daunting and today’s Divorce Expert on financial divorce planning discusses top things to consider when putting everything together. Let’s dive in and see what we […]

Sep 06
Budget Friendly Fall Activities For Single Moms

Get some great ideas for budget friendly fall activities for single moms, dads and families. The fall can be such a fun time to plan activities for the kids, but if not properly planned and budgeted for, can be sneakily expensive. By being mindful of your finances and what you can afford to spend, you […]

Aug 29
How is Alimony Calculated in Massachusetts

Learn some basic elements on how alimony is calculated in Massachusetts. One of the number one question we get asked as your expert source is “how is alimony calculated in Massachusetts?” Alimony calculations may seem like they require an advanced math degree, but there is some very basic guidelines surrounding the seemingly-daunting topic. We will […]

Jul 25
Tips For Back to School Shopping on a Budget

Yes, back to school shopping on a budget IS possible! Back to school time can be really exciting for your kids AND you – and it can get really expensive if you aren’t careful. And this type of expense can come as a big hit to your wallet if you are newly single and still […]

May 16
Three Apps For Co-Parenting

My three picks for apps for co-parenting that can make things easier. Why use apps for co-parenting details? Well, effective co-parenting can be achieved when two parents have the same primary goal of providing consistent, loving support for their children. While past relationship issues or divorce stress may seem like a barrier to this goal, […]

Apr 06
Save Money With an Amicable Divorce Settlement

Learn six things to consider so you can save money with an amicable divorce settlement. There are too-many-to-list issues to consider when getting divorced and finances are usually in the top few things on that list. Today we are going to share ways to save money with an amicable divorce settlement. This is one of […]

Mar 21
What To Do With A Wedding Ring After Divorce

Get seven ideas for what to do with that wedding ring after divorce. What to do with a wedding ring after divorce is not a question that needs to be immediately answered, though it often seems top of mind. Years ago, I worked with a woman who was going through a divorce and upon hearing […]

Mar 14
How to Protect Your Credit During a Divorce

Grab these six tips for how to protect your credit during a divorce. This may be the last thing you’re thinking about when going through a divorce, but it is incredibly important to know how to protect your credit during divorce. Many people – mostly women – have suffered the burden of destroyed credit. Today’s […]

Mar 02
How Is Alimony Taxed in Massachusetts?

Divorce Alimony and Taxes in Massachusetts The answer to “how is alimony taxed in Massachusetts” is slightly complicated but today we will share with you some details that may help you make the best decisions for your own situation. Until recently, alimony paid was tax-deductible to the paying spouse and reportable taxable income to the […]

Jan 17
Post-Divorce Financial Planning – Expert Help

Today’s Expert Divorce Help – Post-Divorce Financial planning The issue of post-divorce financial planning can seem daunting and today’s Divorce Expert discusses top things to consider. Let’s dive in and see what we can learn from today’s expert, Katie O’Connell. Divorce Squad asks our divorce help experts how the work they do can improve the […]

Nov 08
Women’s Finances After Divorce – Expert Advice

Today’s Expert Divorce Help – Women’s Finances After Divorce The issue of women’s finances after divorce can be loaded with twists and turns and today’s Divorce Expert shows that this does NOT have to be a difficult experience. Let’s dive in and see what we can learn from today’s expert, Misty Lynch. Divorce Squad asks […]

Aug 28
Feeling Guilty After Divorce

Feeling Guilty After Divorce is normal, but you must limit guilt spending on your children because gift giving is not the answer.

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