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Category: Helping Children of Divorce

Helping children of divorce and the family dynamic is so important to consider and be thoughtful about during divorce. Browse our ever-growing collection of articles about how to manage special occasions, how to establish consistency between homes, how to manage extended family members and more helpful information to support YOU in supporting your children after your divorce.

There is so much focus on and concerns around helping children of divorce and we are here to tell you that you CAN successfully co-parent through and after divorce, as well as benefit from supportive relationships with other family members, and we are here to help guide you through all the ups and downs!

Apr 11
Tips to Celebrate Easter with Kids After Divorce

Get our three tips to celebrate Easter with kids after divorce to keep it fun. Easter is one of the holidays that may be addressed in your divorce agreement with assigned time for each parent. You may have the day split, or you may rotate it year after year. Regardless of what your setup is, […]

Jan 31
How to Tell Your Kids You’re Getting a Divorce

How to tell your kids you’re getting a divorce may be one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to figure out. There’s no one right way for how to tell your kids you’re getting a divorce. It certainly has bigger implications than telling your friends and family, as it impacts the kids daily life, […]

Aug 11
Two Great Books To Help Children Deal With Divorce

Today we are sharing two wonderful books to help children with divorce - reading them together can help you bond and start a conversation!

Aug 11
Activities To Help Parents and Children In Divorce

Today we are sharing some activities to help parents and children in divorce spend some quality time together that won't break the bank!

May 18
Celebrating Father’s Day for Divorced Dads

Father's Day for divorced dads CAN be fun and gratifying - come get four tips on how you can make this day a good one for everyone.

Nov 23
Celebrating Your Children’s Birthdays after Divorce

Celebrating children's birthdays after divorce can be a special time if you incorporate some old traditions and start new traditions.

Aug 28
Creating Consistency at Home During Divorce

Creating Consistency at Home During Divorce will help your children adjust to living with their parents separately.

Aug 26
Dealing with In-Laws After Divorce

Dealing with in-laws after divorce can be challenging but it is important to maintain respect for the overall good of the children involved.

Feb 26
Divorce and the Holidays

Sharing holidays after divorce can be challenging and lonely - get three quick tips for making it less stressful and happier for everyone.

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