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  • Company: Susan Tripi Coaching
  • Title: Divorce Coach
  • Serving In-person is includes the Greater-Boston area of Massachusetts. Virtual includes all of the United States.
  • Sudbury
About Me
  • Bio:

    As a Divorce Coach, Susan is deeply committed to ensuring that every woman going through a divorce feels cared for, loved, and supported throughout the process, and is on a mission to help women navigate through the process of divorce with clarity, intention, and purpose so that they are empowered to own their choices, advocate for their needs, and plan for their future.

    Susan is a compassionate, fun, and kind-hearted coach who inspires women to believe that they CAN achieve anything they set their mind to — and will fiercely commit to supporting them along the way.


  • Description of Services:

    Divorce Prep Bootcamp - 3-hour intensive.

    The Divorce Prep Bootcamp is for those women who want to understand the process, gain an overview of their rights, and create a plan for what they want to accomplish pre- and post-divorce. In this 3-hour session, we review it all: finances, goals, legal options, custody, and more, all in an effort to ensure that you walk away with a clear grasp of what to expect.


    The Empowered Divorcée Collective - 3 months.

    The Empowered Divorcée Collective is a divorce care, recovery, and empowerment community. This group coaching program is designed to guide women through the various stages of divorce in a way that empowers them to:

    • Set boundaries
    • Develop a Divorce Plan
    • Advocate for their needs
    • Find resources to assist during this difficult life transition
    • Implement self-care practices that facilitate healing and recovery
    • Lean on a tribe of women for support
    • Regulate emotions and learn how to channel the waves into action
    • and so much more!

    What women gain from enrolling in The Empowered Divorcée Collective:

    Guidance from an experienced coach who has journeyed through a divorce and knows how to develop a clear and effective plan.

    Clarity on what they want to gain from the divorce process that will become a springboard into the next chapter of their life.

    A System for how to move through divorce with confidence, emotional clarity, and financial control.

    A Supportive and safe community from which to draw strength, inspiration, and encouragement.


    Private Coaching - 20-weeks

    Private coaching is available for those women who prefer more personalized attention and/or who may need more customized attention throughout the process. Together we focus on all the same objectives as the group coaching program -- such as creating goals, locating resources, and developing a plan, doing so while creating space for additional needs or priorities.

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