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  • Company: ERA Key Realty Services
  • Title: Realtor®
  • Service Area: Worcester County Norfolk County Essex County
About Me
  • Bio:

    I grew up in a family of brokers and developers, but originally began my career in business management and sales. My professional journey in real estate really began when I was experiencing my own divorce and subsequent rebuilding. In the midst of finding my footing, with very limited resources, I purchased a small home in Worcester, which immediately presented a host of needed repairs. I became inspired and motivated by the sweat equity, and began building a business flipping properties and selling residential real estate. Years later that small home has helped fund several more, and build my business! I fully believe that life throws us blessings in the form of challenges and heart break. Years later, I have helped countless individuals achieve their goal of homeownership, navigate rough waters in divorce and estate sales, and build their portfolios.

  • Description of Services:

    Award winning Realtor® with ERA Key Realty Services in Worcester County, MA. Providing home-buyers and sellers with professional real estate services in a way that is professional, ethical and always with candor and expertise. Sheila specializes in Distinctive Properties within ERA, estate and divorce, in addition to national and international relocation services.

  • License Number: 9562728
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