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  • Company: Exit Assurance Realty
  • Title: Real Estate Agent
  • Serving MA and NH
  • 161 Main Street
About Me
  • Bio:

    Sadie Guichard is dedicated to helping people find a home they love!  As someone who has gone through divorce herself, Sadie understands the complexities of the situation you're going through and is your ideal realtor to help you move into the next chapter in your life.

  • Description of Services:

    When it comes to your real estate, presumably your largest asset, you need to know your options. Sadie has been successful helping many divorced clients through the process of selling and buying homes.  Her goal is to act as a neutral voice and guide clients through the process, from start to finish.

    With the least amount of inconvenience, this includes getting the house ready, de-cluttering, attending to minor repairs, photos, and setting up showings.  She works on getting clients the most money. She strives to exceed expectations, enabling her clients with online tools to help make informed decisions, is critical to any real estate transaction. To Sadie, every detail presents an opportunity to create an even greater overall experience, one that you will remember with great appreciation.

    Being a REALTOR® means more than selling homes. It’s about relationships, based on trust and knowledge, and exceeding expectations. You should have an implicit trust that your REALTOR® will go the extra mile, help you achieve your goals, and provide higher-level client service along the way.  Sadie believes clear guidance and communication is paramount to delivering exemplary client service.

    Sadie will help you understand your options.

    Real estate transactions should not be difficult. Please contact Sadie Guichard at 978-302-3729.

    Whether you are looking to rebuild, regroup, buy, sell, or rent.  Trust in Sadie.

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