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  • Company: CrossCountry Mortgage
  • Title: Mortgage Lender
  • Serving Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut
  • Wilmington
About Me
  • Bio:

    As a sought-after mortgage financing expert, Renee consults with consumers and their advisors to help them make the best decision for their financial needs for their particular stage of life. Her mantra: dispel the myths; get the facts.

    Since 2012, legal and financial advisors and their clients have turned to Renee to explore home financing options for
    • Traditional home purchases
    • Couples navigating asset division during divorce
    • Retirees considering a HECM/Reverse Mortgage as a money management tool for income and estate planning.

  • Description of Services:

    As a Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP), Renee focuses her divorce work on helping homeowners make a more informed decision regarding their home equity solutions and the divorce team identifies any potential conflicts between the divorce settlement, the mortgage, and the real property. Divorce Mortgage Planning is a holistic approach to the process of evaluating mortgage options in the context of the overall financial objectives as they relate to divorcing situations

    As a trusted advisor, Renee helps her strategic partners and their clients establish viability, eligibility, and qualification requirements, all in alignment with clients’ financial strategies and plans.

  • License Number: NMLS#1119902
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