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  • Company: NaVella Insurance LLC
  • Title: Founder & CEO
  • Serving Nationally
  • Boston
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  • Description of Services:

    We work with high-earning individuals and families to protect their most valuable assets and preserve their wealth by utilizing and leveraging the power of insurance.

    Examples of these assets include insurance for your home(s), auto(s), collections, umbrella, watercraft and life.

    Since our inception, we have helped hundreds of individuals expand their insurance knowledge and close their confidence gap so they can have peace of mind knowing they have secured a personal insurance program that surpasses their expectations.


    We focus providing and showcasing this value by offering three guarantees:

    • Making sure you and your family are adequately insured based your circumstances
    • In a cost effective way
    • With as little decision fatigue as possible.


    Feel good about your insurance and contact us today!

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