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  • Company: Lisability
  • Title: Wellness Accountability Coach
  • Service Area: In person or virtual coaching available. Yoga and Declutter within 20 miles of Newton, MA
  • Office Location: Newton
About Me
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    7 years ago my life, as I knew it, fell apart. I lost my job of 16 years, my mother and my marriage, all within a few months. I was in a dark place and remained there for what felt like forever. Everyone kept telling me "things will get better" "you're going to be fine" "everything happens for a reason". Every time I heard one of those comments, I wanted to scream out a lot of swear words. How do they know everything is going to be fine? Sometimes I would just lay on the ground, stare at the ceiling and cry. I was lost and felt so helpless. I became painfully aware that the control I thought I had over my life was not a reality.  I can’t control who loves me, how people act, their beliefs or the decisions others make.  I can only control my own peace and how I react to things that arise in my life. I lost my entire identity.  I was no longer a wife, I no longer had a mother and I had no job title to refer to myself as. Holding onto my past was holding me back from my future.


    Realizing there was no magic fairy that was going to swoop down and fix everything was heart breaking. I could keep reliving how the universe did me wrong or I could look at it like this is going to bring me to a better place. I couldn’t stay on track with any decisions I made because I was so depressed it paralyzed me. I was already a certified yoga instructor and I knew how I felt when I did yoga so I put all my energy into a daily yoga routine and meditation practice. I formed a small team around me to hold me accountable to do the things I knew would propel me forward.  I did yoga ,I took courses on mindfulness, I became certified in nutrition and personal training, I worked with a life coach, I read and listened to every spiritual book or podcast, I organized and purged ever area of my home. I slowly learned how to be in a good place, to find inner peace & have overall wellness. I worked daily at staying balanced mentally, physically and spiritually. I found a system that worked for me and to this day I guide my clients through all I learned on my journey.


    While I was in my dark place I wished I had one person to hold me accountable to do the things needed to guide me through my struggles. That is where Lisability arose.  It encompasses overall wellness by balancing anything you are out of sync with. Mentally through decluttering, physically through yoga and spiritually through coaching.

  • Description of Services:

    Lisa Conti offers three services to help you get back on track.

    Wellness Accountability Coaching (emotional):  Going through a major life transition, especially a divorce, can make you feel so alone no matter how many friends and family you have around you.  Sometimes you need a different perspective and someone to hold you accountable to help you move forward. My coaching style is nurturing, honest and straight forward. I work with clients to make lifestyle changes to get them back on track. This can mean giving them tools and techniques to get them out of a dark place, develop a fitness routine they will stick to, break bad habits or help them figure out what their next move in life will be. Wellness accountability coaching is for anyone feeling stuck or paralyzed in their current situation and unsure of what their next step should be.

    Declutter/purging (mental) :  Are you selling a home and need to go through the house to decide what to keep and let go of? It is an overwhelming task to do alone especially if you are going through a divorce.  It is an emotional undertaking that most of us want to avoid.  Letting go of things gives your mind more space and gives room for new things to come in. I provide emotional support through the process and keep you on track when it becomes tough.

    Private Yoga (physical): Yoga has so many benefits.  Yoga helped me through many dark days during my divorce.  It was my therapy, it not only cleared my mind but it made my body strong and therefore made me feel like I could take on things I didn't think I could.  Not only does it improve, balance, strength and flexibility but it also clears your mind, helps you focus, eases back pain, releases tension, protects you from injury & improves your overall mood. I provide private yoga instruction in your home or at my studio in West Newton for 1 - 10 people.

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