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  • Company: The School Of Lasting Love
  • Title: The True Love Coach
  • Serving Anywhere in the world. I offer all my services over Zoom video.
  • Amherst
About Me
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    Dumari St. Angelo, the True Love Coach, is the author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller, The Gift of Divorce, A Journey of Empowerment Through Self-Love. She is also the owner of The School Of Lasting Love with over 30 Meetup groups all over the US and Canada.

    Her divorce and a deep desire to experience lasting, fulfilling love became the catalyst for creating the life she always dreamed of. One that is full of love and joy! Dumari is passionate about empowering others to experience more loving relationships from a place of confidence and connection to themselves through unique, fun, heart-opening workshops, and life-transforming coaching programs.

    Her quest for true love has led her to become a Life Transformed® Coach, hypnotherapist, and lifelong student of love, metaphysics, and manifesting. The tools and knowledge she’s gained through her 30+ years of experience delving deep into emotional healing and deliberate creation principles have helped her create powerful programs to help others experience higher-quality love in their lives.

    Dumari offers complimentary "True Love Breakthrough Sessions" where you:

    • Gain more clarity about your vision for your love life
    • Learn what's in the way of experiencing what you really want
    • Leave with a mini-plan to get you started toward experiencing True Love

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  • Description of Services:

    After transforming her life in a beautiful way after her divorce thanks to finding True Love within herself, Dumari St Angelo now men and women who are looking for their ideal partner to manifest the relationship they really want from a place of confidence and connection to themselves.

    Dumari St Angelo offers

    • 1:1 Private Coaching
    • Group Coaching/Courses
    • Workshops & Events

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