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  • Company: Nutrition by Dawn McGee
  • Title: Nutrition Evangelist
  • Service Area: United States
About Me
  • Bio:

    I am Dawn McGee, a Nutrition Evangelist and Global Cuisine Expert whose mission is to bring the fun back into being healthy. In my signature program, Reclaim Your Life, One Bite at a Time®, I teach women how to easily incorporate healthy habits into their daily routines so they can stop making food their full-time job, feel good in their own skin, and get their energy back. All without feeling like they are on a diet.

    I specialize in helping women embrace their vision of better health. I love inspiring them to make small, meaningful changes so they can get back to doing all the things that bring them joy. All without needing 26 hours in their day, being hungry, feeling deprived, or giving up their glass of wine with dinner :)

    Check out my blog post, What Does it Mean to be Healthy.

  • Description of Services:

    Dawn McGee provides support around nutrition and healthy eating even during times when self care can be a challenge. She does this with these and other services:

    • Reclaim Your Life, One Bite at a Time®
    • 8 weeks of Nutrition Coaching
    • On-going monthly coaching
    • Goal Setting Workshops
    • Customized group and Corporate Wellness and Fitness programs

    More details of these services can be found here:

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