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  • Company: Law Office of Catherine Becker Good
  • Title: Divorce Attorney
  • Service Area: Massachusetts: Greater Boston area including Norfolk County, Plymouth County, Suffolk County, Middlesex County, and Bristol County.
  • Office Location: 858 Washington Street
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    After over 30 years of hands-on experience working in the courts of the Commonwealth, Attorney Catherine Becker Good has developed a personal approach to interacting with her clients that makes them feel safe, supported and heard during a vulnerable time.  Catherine fully understands that the Probate Court experience can be overwhelming and confusing.  She is committed to easing the anxiety and stress that all too often accompanies the probate court process by standing with you as she advocates on your behalf.

    Catherine has appeared before most judges in the Probate Courts across the state.  This exposure to various courts and the particular practices of each judge has provided Catherine with the necessary insight to navigate through the individual nuances of the judges and court personnel.  She will work with you to strategize a legal course of action that best benefits you.

    As a skilled negotiator and mediator, Catherine remains focused and calm during highly contentious situations, which helps her clients do the same.  With the innate ability to sense when to litigate and when to compromise, Catherine has developed a solid reputation with both clients and court officials built on her impeccable professionalism and legal knowledge.

  • Description of Services:


    Uncontested Divorce

    Post Divorce Actions


    Alternative Dispute Resolution

    Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

    Wills and Trusts


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