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How Can a Stay at Home Mom Afford a Divorce?

A single mom and her son playing a game. Today we answer how can a stay at home mom afford a divorce so moms can be there for their kids.

If you are asking how can a stay at home mom afford a divorce come learn what one of our experts has to share.

When you don’t have your own income and you are completely dependent on your spouse and your marriage is coming to a close one of the first questions you are probably trying to learn is how can a stay at home mom afford a divorce.  Divorce is a major disruption in anyone’s life and you can feel very vulnerable and it is very easy to feel overwhelmed especially when you have been home focused on your children. Today’s expert Divorce Attorney Lisa Ruggieri explores several alternatives when considering divorce for stay at home moms.

Here are some professional tips on how you might be able to afford the costs of getting divorced if you’ve been home with the kids:

1) Consider Mediation
In mediation, you and your spouse meet with a trained, neutral mediator to discuss and resolve the issues in your divorce. You do not need a lawyer to participate in mediation-although it is always recommended to have a lawyer take a “second look” at all the documents prior to filing. Mediation is a great alternative to a costly litigation even when spouses disagree. If you and your spouse can reach an agreement through mediation, most mediators will draft (and possibly file with the court) all the necessary forms including the Separation Agreement.
2) Do-it-Yourself Divorce
Stay at home moms that have no financial resources can go to the Court and take advantage of the “lawyer of the day” programs or the Court’s self-help centers and submit documents using any of the online court forms.
3) Uncontested 1A Divorce
Uncontested divorces are generally less expensive and faster than litigated divorces. If you and your spouse can agree to all of the terms and issues in your divorce, you can file an uncontested divorce, also known as a 1A divorce, using online forms found on the website.
4) File a Motion for Counsel Fees Pendente Lite
Courts will entertain a motion for counsel fees pendent lite to level the playing field in a divorce action. Stay at home moms can file these motions with the Court requesting funds from their husband or the marital estate to prosecute or defend a divorce action. Courts generally allow these motions for stay at home moms who are in need of funds to retain an Attorney. Stay at home moms can file Motions with the Court requesting their spouse pay for their legal fees so they can litigate their divorce on an equal footing with their spouse.
5) Obtain Temporary Orders for Support
Stay at home moms can obtain temporary orders seeking financial assistance (i.e. child support and/or alimony). Or, alternatively, request the Court award them an advance against marital assets. Most Courts will allow these types of motions for a financially dependent spouse.
6) Contact Legal Assistance Firms
There are lawyers who provide no-cost legal assistance for those who qualify for their services.
7) Borrow Money
If you have no other options, consider borrowing money from a family member or friend.

To learn more how Attorney Lisa Ruggieri can help you, contact her today!

So that scary feeling question of how can a stay at home mom afford a divorce doesn’t actually have to BE that scary. Talk to your attorney, consider your options and see if any of these tips aren’t just the answer to your concerns.