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Eating During Divorce

Eating during divorce is so important! Step by step, focus on healthier eating, and what is really best for you and your body.
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Eating during divorce is not something I actually did well. So, I feel a bit like a hypocrite writing commentary on health advice, as it’s probably my weakest area. It’s not that I’m unhealthy, I just know I could be better. I could work out more. I could meal plan. I could cut out foods that I love that just aren’t good for me. But for now, let’s keep things simple.

When it comes to eating, please eat. I dropped down to 90-something pounds when I was going through my divorce (I’m 5’7”. This is very bad.) You may feel so anxious that you aren’t hungry. I know I had a stomach of knots for months and was on a  steady diet of coffee all day long.  I actually don’t think I ate any meals. So don’t be like me. Eat what you like in moderation, and if you’re not hungry, still get something in your belly. If you eat in abundance when you’re anxious or depressed, really try to limit yourself to what will fuel your body with energy so you don’t end up feeling worse later on.  And  regardless of your eating habits, drink lots of water all day long.

Not Sure What To Do With Yourself?

A great idea is to make cooking and eating healthy into a hobby. Try some new recipes. Whether it’s just for you, or it’s for you and your kids, it’s something you can do at home that you can enjoy. There are so many amazing tv shows, blogs, YouTube videos, and Pinterest pages that you can get lost trying to decide what to have next. Cooking and eating never goes out of style. And as you get into a better place, you can start honing in on healthier eating, modifying what you are having so that your consumption is really what is best for you and your body. That advice I’ll leave for the experts. My advice for the moment is just make sure you’re eating during divorce 😊

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