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Professional Membership:



Divorcing women are looking for you!  Share your business through a professional business listing.

Your business listing includes:

  • Your Headshot
  • Your Biography, detailing your background and expertise
  • Your Service offering, specifying the work that you do to support someone through divorce
  • Social buttons (maximum of 5)

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Premium Contributor Membership:



This membership allows you to share your expertise through a professional business listing AND content contribution. 

Your listing includes:

  • Your Headshot
  • Your Biography, detailing your background and expertise
  • Your Service offering, specifying how the work you do supports someone through divorce
  • Social buttons (maximum of 5)
  • Content contributor role on the Divorce Squad website
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Frequently Asked Questions

How will Divorce Squad help me with my business?

Divorce Squad is a platform that divorcing women utilize to seek help. These potential clients can find you and contact you directly, rather than you searching for the leads! Divorce Squad has an SEO expert who customizes the site and blog articles to ensure greater visibility among search engines.

What sets Divorce Squad apart from other divorce services?

Divorce Squad allows women to connect with professionals like you directly and discreetly. They are not required to register or sign up on the site to connect with you. We give women control with the ability to contact you in the manner they are most comfortable with. We do not require they participate in online or in-person meetings to seek advice.

Do I need to be a woman to advertise my services?

No! While Divorce Squad is focused on supporting women, we want all top experts, male and female, to support women through the process.

How can I make my profile stand out?

The Enhanced and Premium memberships allow you to share about yourself. When detailing your biography/services, specifically highlight how you help divorcing clients. Improve upon your standardly used bio by adding in details about how your work can make the divorce process easier and more manageable, and how you can help someone achieve their goals.

What does a Content Contributor do?

A Divorce Squad Content Contributor writes an original piece specifically for the Divorce Squad, reflecting his/her area of expertise through general advice, “how to’s” or a specific case study of success. This article will be shared on the site for all to read, and may also be featured on social media.

How do I advertise on Divorce Squad?

To get started, select your package above and go through the steps to purchase. Once your payment is confirmed, you'll be able to create your listing and join our directory of divorce professionals.